Le Baron fantôme (1943)

France, 1943
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, French

A French borderline horror film directed by Serge de Poligny.

Plot Summary

Elfy, Countess of Saint-Hélié’s daughter, was brought up with her foster sister Anne, in an old dilapidated castle whose landlord, Baron Julius Carol disappears leaving behind Elfy and her foster sister Anne who were his tenants in his run-down old castle. As adults, both women fall in love with Hervé, the son of the gamekeeper. Things are complicated when the baron’s mummified body is discovered in an oubliette and the estate’s secret is finally revealed…


Directed by: Serge de Poligny
© [not given on screen]
Le Consortium de Productions de Films (J. Séfert, A. Frapin) present
Produced by: Robert Florat
Scenario by: Serge de Poligny
Dialogue by: Jean Cocteau
Director of Photography: Roger Hubert
Editor: Jean Feyte
Music by: Louis Beydts
Sound Engineer: René Forget
Costume Designer: Christian Dior
Art Director: Jacques Krauss

André Lefaur (Eustache Dauphin)
Odette Joyeux (Elfy)
Jany Holt (Anne)
Alain Cuny (Hervé)
Gabrielle Dorziat (Countess de Saint-Helie)
Alerme [real name: André Alerme] (the colonel)
Aimé Clariond (the bishop)
Claude Sainval (Albéric de Marignac)
Marie Magali
Charles Vissières (Toussaint)
Diéner [real name: Jean Diéner] (Joseph)
Pérès [real name: Marcel Pérès] (Léopold)
Marguerite Pierry (Fébronie)
Jean Cocteau [Baron Julius Carol] *
Marguerite de Morlaye [old woman] *
Jacques Ory [Hervé as a child] *
Mercédès Brare

Alternative Titles

Ma soeur Anne – working title
The Phantom Baron – UK



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