L’auberge rouge (1951)

35mm film, black and white, colour, 1.37:1
mono, French

A French horror film directed by Claude Autant-Lara.

Plot Summary

A group of travellers stop off at an inn in the where the innkeeper murders his guests with bowls of poisoned .


Directed by: Claude Autant-Lara
Memnon Films
Production Director: Simon Schiffrin
Script: Jean Aurenche, Claude Autant-Lara, Pierre Bost
Story: Jean Aurenche
Directors of Photography: André Bac, Jacques Natteau
Editor: Madeleine Gug
Music by: René Cloërec
Sound Editor: Jacques Lebreton
Costume Designers: Jean André, Jacques Cottin
Hair Stylist: Alex Archambault
Wig Maker: Jules Chanteau
Special Effects: Nicolas Wilke
Production Designer/Set Decorator: Max Douy

Fernandel (The Monk)
Françoise Rosay (Marie Martin)
Marie-Claire Olivia (Mathilde)
Caussimon [real name: Jean-Roger Caussimon] (Dauvin)
Nane Germon (Elisa)
Didier d'Yd (Jeannou)
Lud Germain (Fetiche)
Jacques Charon (Rodolphe)
A. Viala (the marquise)
Robert Berri (the coachman)
André Cheff (the dandy)
André Dalibert (woodcutter)
Grégoire Aslan (Barboeuf)
Carette [real name: Julien Carette] (Martin)
Manuel Gary (policeman)
René Lefevre-Bel (policeman)

Alternative Titles

Arriva Fra' Cristoforo! – Italian title
A Estalagem Vermelha – Brazilian title
The Red Inn – US title
Röda värdshuset – Swedish title
Rode herberg, De – Flemish Belgian title
Rote Herberge, Die – West German title
Sadan murhan majatalo – Finnish title
Unheimliche Herberge, Die – West German title



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