Latin Quarter (1946)

UK, 1945
80m, 7,200 feet
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Vernon Sewell. It was his second adaptation of the play L'Angoisse by Pierre Mills and C. Vylars, a source he would return to again for inspiration for The Medium (1934), Ghost Ship (1952) and House of Mystery (1961).

Plot Summary

In his studio, an artist relates the story of lost love to a friend. The studio had once belonged to a sculptor who fell for a student. The artist relating the story also fell in love with the woman and the sculptor descended into madness driving him to mysterious deeds.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Vernon Sewell
© [not given on screen]
A British National production
Produced by: Louis H. Jackson
Associate Producer: Derrick de Marney
Production Manager: Fred A. Swann *
Written by: Vernon Sewell
Based on the play L'Angoisse by Pierre Mills & C. Vylars
Assistant Director: Denis Johnson *
Director of Photography: Günther Krampf *
Camera Operator: Gerald D. Ross *
2nd Camera Operator/1st Assistant Camera (Focus): John Dean *
Other Camera Assistants: F. Drake, Brian West, D. Follet, Bernard Hines [all uncredited]
Supervising Editor: Lito Carruthers *
1st Assistant: Mary Bond *
Other Assistant: Valerie Leslie *
Dubbing Editor: Jean Barker *
Lab: Denham Laboratories Ltd *
Music Composed by: Allan Gray
Ballet Music: T.E. Atkinson *
Musical Director: Hans May
Sound Supervisor: Harold V. King
Sound Recordist: Cecil V. Thornton *
Sound Camera Operator: Bert Blackmore *
Boom Operator: John Moyes *
Boom Assistant: Ted Jarvis *
Other Assistant: D. Whitlock *
Sound Editor: Jean Barker *
Dubbing Crew: Len Shilton, Michael Bassett [both uncredited]
RCA Sound System *
Wardrobe Supervisor: Maude Churchill *
Make Up: Harry Hayward *
Hair: Marjorie Whittle *
Art Director: R. Holmes Paul *
Assistant Art Director: Tom Seddon *
Draughtsman: Geoffrey Somerton *
Scenic : Olga Lehman, Gilbert Wood [both uncredited]
Ballet Sequences Arranged and Staged by: Espinosa
Assisted By: Eddie Kelland Espinosa with members of The British Ballet Organisation
Studio: British National Studios, Clarendon Road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, UK

Derrick De Marney (Charles Garrie)
Joan Greenwood (Christine Minetti)
Frederick Valk (Dr Krasner)
Joan Seton (Lucille Lindbeck)
Beresford Egan (Anton Minetti)
Lily Kann (Marie)
Martin Miller (morgue keeper)
Valentine Dyall (prefect of police)
Anthony Hawtrey (the specialist)
Bruce Winston (Jo-Jo)
Kempinski (sergeant of police)
Espinosa (ballet master)
Margaret Clarke (ballet madame)
Rachel Brodbar (Minetti's mistress)
Sybilla Binder (Mme Cordova)
Billy Holland (caveman)
Cleo Nordi (Suzanne)

Alternative Titles

L'amante della morte – Italy
Anguish – working title
Frenzy – USA
Quartier Latinin hullu – Finland

See also
Ghost Ship (1952)
House of Mystery (1961)
The Medium (1934)


Monthly Film Bulletin vol.13 no.145 (January 1946) p.2
This melodrama, originally written for the stage, makes a very poor film. It is permeated with artificiality and recalls in so many ways the bad old days of the British film at its worst as to be disturbing to anyone who hoped they were a thing of the past. Two minor parts, the concierge or Lily Kahn and the morgue keeper or Martin Miller, are alone played in tune with the film's intentions: the rest are varying degrees inadequate. The settings reek of the studio, the development of the story is faltering, and the direction is limp and unimaginative. – from a review by E.H.L.

BFI Southbank Guide December 2012 p.6
The gruesome spirit of Grand Guignol looms over this eerie ‘psychic thriller' […] Creepy, weird and melodramatic, director Sewell's second adaptation of stageplay L'Angoisse is a haunting excursion into the uncanny. – reviewer not credited



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