Laser Moon (1991)

USA, 1991

An American horror film directed by Douglas K. Grimm.


A maniac is on the loose, killing his female victims with a laser to the temple. An all-night DJ with a show that’s failing and marriage that’s in even worse shape, goads the killer into calling his show and helps the police try to find him before he can strike again. But his actions put himself and his ex-wife in grave danger.


Directed by: Douglas K. Grimm
© 1991 Laser Moon Productions, LTD.
Triangle Films, Inc. and Fitzgerald Filmcorp
Executive Producers: Jerry Graham, John Fitzgerald, Dale Mitchell
Produced by: Mark Paglia
Associate Producer: Sue Scott
Written by: Douglas K. Grimm
Director of Photography: Kenneth Carmack
Editors: Roger Schroeder, Ken Koenig
Original Music by: John Standish
Production Sound Mixer: Roger Schroeder
Wardrobe: Julie Terry
Make-up: Suzanne Diaz
Production Designer: Kari Stewart
Locations: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Traci Lords (Barbara Fleck)
Crystal Shaw (Jacelyn)
Harrison LeDuke (Zane Wolf)
Bruce Carter (Detective [Vincent] Musso)
Peter Boyles (Bernie Bernard)
Eric Goche (Andy)
Michael Hidrogo (Cruz)
Gail Russell (Maria)
Marilyn Garman (Angela Von Killian)
Douglas Brown (Dr Kostikov)
Curt Layman (Lt Mandell)
Heidi Morrow (Heidi)
Steve Stephenson (lawyer)
Douglas K. Grimm (Jimmy Zipper)
Bob the cat (Bob)
Dirk Praline (Lloyd the bartender)
Brendan Keefe (Rance)
Donna Largent (female victim #1)
Alison Donnelly (female victim #2)
Mike McKiernan (Mr LeDuke’s double)



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