Las amantes del diablo (1971)

Spain, Italy,
89m (Spain), 90m
35mm film, Eastmancolor


A Spanish/Italian horror film directed by José Maria Elorrieta using the pseudonym Joe Lacy.

Plot Summary

A woman looks for her missing sister in a remote coastal village, unaware that she has been targeted by a deranged scientist who wants her for his insane experiments.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Joe Lacy [real name: José Maria Elorrieta]
Lacy International, Prodimex Films
Producers: Luigi Mariani, Espartaco Santoni
Production Manager: Marino Girolami
Screenplay by: Jose Luis Navarro, Marino Girolami, Micael Skife
From an Idea by: Spartaco Santoni, José María Elorrieta
Italian Version Adaptation: Marino Girolami *
Director of Photography: Emanuele di Cola
Film Editor: Tatiana Casini Morigi
Spanish Version Editor: José Antonio Rojo
Music by: Carlo Savina
Art Director: Michelena Lega
Locations: Algeciras, Cádiz, Spain; Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Marbella, Málaga, Spain; San Martín de Valdeiglesias, Madrid, Spain

Krista Nell (Hilda)
Espartaco Santoni (Doctor Nescu)
Teresa Gimpera
Thomas Moore [real name: Enio Girolami]
Julio Peña
Luis Villa
Carla Conti
Francesco Acciaccarelli
Verónica Luján
Jaime de Mora
Maruja Diaz
Elsa Zabala
Agostina Belli
John Garo [real name: Gianni Garko]
Tomás Blanco
Carla Conti
Rafael Corés
Cris Huerta
Inés Morales
Antonio Moreno

Alternative Titles

I diabolici convegni – Italian title
Feast for the Devil – US video title
Night of the Devils – US title


Variety 27 October 1971 p.26
Direction by John Lacy (real name Jose Maria Elorrieta) is matter-of-fact, and Santoni himself never clicks as an actor. This wouldn't matter if pic at least had strong storyline, which it doesn't. Misses Gimpera and Lujan are even more wooden. As terror item, pic is too diffuse and unprofessional to have any b.o. chances. – author not credited



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