L’arma l’ora il movente (1973)

colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An Italian directed by Francesco Mazzei.

Plot Summary

Don Giorgio, a young priest in a convent, has broken his vows of celibacy and is sleeping with two women. He tries to repent but is found with his throat cut. Inspector Boito is charged with finding the killer and his main witness is a young boy who is now heavily drugged and kept locked up. Things become more complicated when Boito falls in love with one of the dead priest's lovers – his chief suspect…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Francesco Mazzei
© [not given on screen]
A Julia Film S.p.A. Rome production
Producer: Francesco Mazzei *
Written by: Francesco Mazzei
Screenplay by: Francesco Mazzei, Mario Bianchi, Bruno Di Geronimo, Vinicio Marinucci
Story by: Francesco Mazzei, Marcello Aliprandi
Director of Photography: Giovanni Ciarlo
Edited by: Alberto Gallitti
Music by: Francesco De Masi
Sound: Giovanni Fratarcangeli
Costumes by: Fiorenzo Senese
Make-up: Claudia Giustini
Hairdresser: Roberta Vanturini of Delisio
Special Effects: Carlo Rambaldi
Art Director and Furnishings: Antonio De Rosa

Renzo Montagnani (Inspector Boito)
Bedy Moratti (Orchidea)
Eva Czemerys (Giulia)
Salvatore Puntillo
Claudia Gravi
Alcira Harris
Arturo Trina
Adolfo Belletti
Arnaldo Bellofiore
Francesco D'Adda
Filippo Marcelli
Gina Mascettii
Lorenzo Piani
Maurizio Bonuglia as Don Giorgio

Alternative Titles

Die Waffe, die Stunde, das Motiv – West German title
The Weapon, the Hour and the Motive – US title



  • Blood and Black Lace by Adrian Luther-Smith p.2 – credits, review