L’amico d’infanzia (1993)

100m, 2790 metres
35mm film, colour

An Italian borderline horror film directed by Pupi Avati.

Plot Summary

Arnold Gardner inherits a television talk show following the death of the former host. His childhood friend, Eddie Greenberg, is resentful of Gardner's success and determines to force him to make a public confession of a “sin” he committed in his youth, murdering several people to force his hand.


Director: Pupi Avati
DUEA Film, Filmauro
Executive Producers: Francesco Guerrieri, Roberto Bernacchi
Producers: Antonio Avati, Aurelio de Laurentis
Production Managers: Robert Bernacchi, Francesco Guerrieri
Script: Pupi Avati
Assistant Director: Alberto Leonardi
Director of Photography: Cesare Bastelli
Editor: Amedeo Salfa
Music: Stefano Caprioli
Sound: Raffaele de Luca
Assistant Sound: Jeff Carney
Sound Mixer: Chat Gunter
Costume Designer: Sissi Parravicini
Production Designer: Thomas Beall
Locations: Chicago, Illinois, USA; Swissotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Joe Ryan (Ted Gardner)
Jason Robards III (Arnold Gardner)
Amy Galper (Norma)
Robert Swan (Sortino)
Mary Sellars (Jenny Cohen)
Carolyn Spence (Mirna)
Mary Mulligan (Inge)
Lee R. Sellars (Randy)
Jim Mullins (Myers)
Steve King (Owen)
Dave Kappas
Gary Houston (Ross)
Richard Grubbs (Dale)
Jim Ortlieb (Eddie ‘Chuck' Greenberg)
Anthony Raymond Olson (Mike)
Coralina Cataldi Tassoni (Sandy)

Alternative Titles

Childhood Friend



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