L’Alliance (1970)

82m [USA]; 90m; 92m
35mm film, Eastmancolor

A French borderline science fiction film directed by Christian de Chalonge.


Director: Christian de Chalonge
Script: Jean-Claude Carrière, Christian de Chalonge
Novel: Jean-Claude Carrière
Director of Photography: Alain Derobe
Editor: Henri Lanoë
Music: Gilbert Amy
Sound: André Hervée, Jean Rieul
Key Make Up: Jacky Reynal
Key Hair: Simone Knapp
Production Designer: Hubert Monloup

Anna Karina (Jeanne)
Jean-Claude Carrière (Hugues)
Isabelle Sadoyan (Helene)
Jean-Pierre Darras (Mr Duvernet)
Tsilla Chelton (Mme Duvernet)
Paule Emanuele (Madame Sedaine)
André Gille (Monsieur Sedaine)
Rufus (L'éleveur de pigeons)
Arlette Balkis
Jeanne Berretta
Marie-Claude Breton
May Chartrettes
Cathy Grandi
Pierre Julien
Pascal Korner
Georges Poichet
Antonio Pérez
Pierre Risch
Jean Wiener

Alternative Titles

La alianza – Spanish title
Eine Tierische Verbindung – German title
The Wedding Ring – International English language title


The Hollywood Reporter vol.220 no.16 (3 March 1972) p.3
[C]omes across as a kinky mix between Chabrol's La Femme infidele and last year's very successful The Hellstrom Chronicle […] The feeling of terror which pervades the last third of the film is not unlike that achieved by Hitchcock's in some of his grander moments. L'Alliance may disappoint some with its grim ending. However the film does logically prepare an audience for the final disaster which, apparently, only the knew was coming. Nevertheless L'Alliance is a film which will not easily be forgotten, and could be a sleeper in the ever-expanding market for strange and unusual shockers. The film's production values are excellent in all respects. – from a review by Jon Nichols


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