Lager SSadis kastrat kommandantur (1976)

Vistavision, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1

An Italian exploitation film directed by Sergio Garrone. The UK video sleeve was instrumental in kicking off the “” moral panic of the 1980s though the film was later released uncut and with little fanfare in the UK.


A group of women are brought to one of the ' notorious death camps and there forced to ‘mate' with healthy German troops just back from the front. Those who refuse to comply are tortured, experimented upon and abused before being thrown into the camp's furnace. Eventually, some of the prisoners try to rebel.


Directed by: Sergio Garrone
© [not given on screen]
SEFI Cinematografica Societa' Europa Films Internazionali s.r.l. presents. Produced by S.E.F.I. Cinematografica s.r.l. Roma
Director of Production: Mario Caporali
Production Manager: Giulio Dini
Script by: Vinicio Marinucci, Sergio Garrone
Story: Sergio Chiusi
Ass't Director: Marco Mattia Magretti
Camera Operator: Maurizio Centini
Camera Ass't: Carlo Marotti
Still Photography: Maurizio Centini
Film Editor: Cesare Bianchini
Ass't Editor: Sante Discepoli
Film Laboratory: Staco Film
Music by: Roberto Pregadio, Vasili Kojucharov
Recorded at: Nazionalmusic – Milano
Sound Mixer: Augusto Penna
English Dubbing Edition: Cinitalia
Recorded at: Studio Technosound s.r.l.
Sound Effects: Cine Audio Effects
Costumes by: Ferroni
Shoes by: Arditi
Makeup: Carlo Renzini
Hairdresser: Alberta Fattore
Decorator: Giorgio Marzelli
Set Decorations: Set
Film Production Insurance: Compagnia Europea Previdenza
Filmed in R.P.A. – Elios

Mircha Carven
Paola Corazzi
Giorgio Cerioni
Giovanna Mainardi
Serafino Profumo
Attilio Dottesio
Patrizia Melega
Almina De Sanzio
Matilde Dall'Aglio
Agnes Kalpagos

Alternative Titles

Le Camp des filles perdues – France
O Campo Nazi do Amor – Portugal
Captive Women II: Orgies of the Damned
Dachau no 2 – Greece
Eksperimenter i nazilejren – Denmark (DVD)
Horreur Nazis
Kastrat Commandantur Satirlager 23
S.S. Experiment – USA (re-release)
SS Experiment Camp
SS Experiment Love Camp
SS vrouwenkamp 1 – Netherlands

See also
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