L’Âge d’or (1930)

60m, 1690 metres
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, French

A French fantasy film directed by Luis Buñuel.

Plot Summary

A man and woman fall in love but are thwarted by members of their own family, the Church and the bourgeois society to which they belong.


Director: Luis Buñuel
Producer: Charles Vicomte de Noailles
Unit Manager: Gastaldi
Script: Dali [real name: Salvador Dalí], Luis Buñuel
Assistant Directors: Brunius [real name: Jacques B. Brunius], Heyman [real name: Claude Heymann]
Director of Photography: Albert Dubergen
Editor: Luis Buñuel
Music: Luis Buñuel, Georges van Parys
Conductor: Armand Bernard
Sound: Peter Paul Brauer
Sound Recording: Les Films Sonores Tobis, Paris, France
Sound Mix: Tobis-Klangfilm
Title Designer: Vigneau
Art Director: Schildknecht [real name: Pierre Schild]
Locations: Paris, France

Gaston Modot (the man)
Lya Lys (young girl)
Caridad de Laberdesque (chambermaid and little girl)
Max Ernst (leader of men in cottage)
Josep Llorens Artigas (Governor)
Lionel Salem (Duke of Blangis)
Germaine Noizet (Marquise)
Duchange (conductor)
Ibanez (Marquis)

Uncredited cast
Jacques B. Brunius
Juan Castañe
Pancho Cossío
Simone Cottance
Xaume De Maravilles
Marie Berthe Ernst
Juan Esplandio
Pedro Flores
Valentine Hugo
Manuel Ángeles Ortiz [forester]
Pierre Prévert [Péman]
Joaquin Roqua
Paul Éluard

Alternative Titles

El edad de oro – Spanish title
Das Goldene Zeitalter – German title
Guldåldern – Swedish title
Kulta-aika – Finnish title



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