Lady Dracula (1978)

West German,
35mm film, colourGerman

A West German horror film directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb.


Director: Franz Josef Gottlieb
IFV Produktion, TV13 Filmproduktion
Script: Bradford Harris, Redis Read
Directors of Photography: Fritz Baader, Ernst W. Kalinke
Music: Horst Jankowski

Evelyne Kraft (Countess Barbara von Weidenborn, Lady )
Brad Harris (Commissioner)
Theo Lingen (Theo Marmorstein)
Eddi Arent (Eddi)
Christine Buchegger (Irene Ruhesanft)
Walter Giller (Oskar)
Klaus Höhne (Hubert)
Roberto Blanco (BaggerfÜhrer Karli)
Stephen Boyd (Count Dracula)
Ulrich Beiger
Marion Kracht (Countess Barbara (a girl)
Georg Lehn
Edith Leyrer
Zdenka Procházková



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