La semana del asesino (1971)

West Germany, Spain 1Although usually referred to as a Spanish film (and indeed it was made by Spaniards in Spain) the copyright is held by a German company and no Spanish companies are identified on screen),
35mm, colour

A West German/Spanish horror film directed by Eloy de la Iglesia. Although relatively uncontentious (aside from the slaughterhouse footage), the film was branded a “video nasty” in the UK because of its UK title, The Cannibal Man. The film itself contains no at all.

Plot Summary

A young butcher, Marcos, accidentally kills a taxi driver and starts to go off the rails. When his girlfriend urges him to turn himself in to the police, he kills her too, sparking off a whole series of killings as he tries to cover his tracks and deal with the overwhelming guilt over what he's doing. Matters are made worse when he starts to hide the bodies in the slaughterhouse…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Eloy de la Iglesia
© 1971 Atlas International Film GmbH
Production Company: Atlas International presents
World Distribution: Atlas International, Munich
Produced by: Joe Truchado
Screenplay by: Eloy de la Iglesia, Anthony Fos
Dialogues by: Robert H. Oliver
Director of Photography: Raúl Artigot
Film Editor: Joe Louis Matesanz
Music by: Fernando G. Morcillo
Make up: Gregory M. Gudiry
Special Effects: Baquero

Vicente Parra as Marcos
Emma Cohen
Eusebio Poncela
Vicky Lagos
Lola Herrera
Ãngel Blanco *
Charly Bravo *
Manuel Clavo *
Antonio Corencia *
Antonio Fernandez *
José Franco *
Rafael Hernández *
Emilio Hortela *
Goyo Lebrero *
Ismael Merlo *
Antonio Orengo *
Fernando Sánchez Polack *
Valentín Tornos *

Alternative Titles

The Apartment on the 13th Floor
The Cannibal Man

Extracts included in
Don't Scream It's Only a Movie (1989)



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