La rebelión de las muertas (1972)

Spain, 1972
84m (Sweden), 90m
35mm film, colour
mono, Spanish

A Spanish horror film directed by Leon Klimovsky. On the US posters, star Paul Naschy is credited as Richard Naschy. The posters also credit actors “Tom Srisaiya”, “Jerry Fiore” and “Critt Davis” and credit the direction to “Miles Nelson”.

Plot Summary

An Indian guru uses magic to revive the dead and uses them to kill the people who have crossed him.


A film of [sic] Leon Klimovsky
Registered M-29975-1972
A Profilmes production
Executive Producers: Ricardo Muñoz Suay, J.A. Perez Giner
Story and Screenplay: Paul Naschy|Jacinto Molina
Photography: Francisco Sanchez Muñoz
Editor: Antonio Ramirez de Loaysa
Music: Juan Carlos Calderon
Sound Engineer: Jose Maria San Mateo
Wardrobe: Cornejo
Makeup: Miguel Sese
Hairdresser: Paquita Guillot
Effects: Manuel Gomez
Special Effects: Amobaq
Sets: Gumersindo Andres
Studios: Ballesteros
Steriors [sic] shot in London-Navacerrada-Torrelodones

Paul Naschy (Kontaka/Krishna/The Devil)
Rommy (Elvira)
Mirta Miller (Carla)
Maria Kosti (Elsie)
Aurura De Alba
Luis Ciges
Pierre Besari
Antonio Pica
Elsa Zabala
Monserrat Julió
Ramon Lillo
Norma Kastell
Ingrid Rabel
Ascuncion Molero
Fernando Sanchez-Polak
Alfonso de la Vega
Vic Winner as Lawrence

Alternative Titles

Die Beschwörung des Teufels – Germany
Blutrausch der Zombies – Germany (video)
Die Rebellion der lebenden Leichen – Germany
The Rebellion of the Dead Women
Revolt of the Dead Ones
Vengeance of the Zombies – UK
Walk of the Dead – USA
Zombies blodshämd – Sweden (video)



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