La Plus longue nuit du diable (1971)

Italy, Belgium, 1971
89m 47s (UK – video), 95m
35mm film, colour, 2.35:1

An Italian/Belgian horror film directed by Jean Brismée.

Plot Summary

A group of tourists in Eastern Europe fall foul of a devil worship cult in an old castle.


Director: Jean Brismée
© [not given on screen]
Zeljko Kunkera and Charles Lecocq [real name: Pierre-Claude Garnier] present Delfino Film (Roma), Cetelci (Rumiellees) co-production
Produced by: Zeljko Kunkera, Claudio Rainis
Written by: Patrice Rhomm
Based on an Original Story by: Charles Lecocq [real name: Pierre-Claude Garnier] and Patrice Rhomm
Italian Language Version Dialogue: Vertunnio de Angelis [only credited on Italian prints]
Director of Photography: André Goeffers
Editor: P. Panos
Music: Alessandro Alessandroni
Sound: Jacques Eippers
Costumes: Blanda
Make-up: Duilio Giustini
Art Director: Jio Berk

Erika Blanc (Lisa Müller)
Jean Servais (Baron von Rhoneberg)
Jacques Monseu
Ivana Novak (Corinne)
Lorenzo Terzon
Shirley Corrigan (Regine)
Colette Emmarvelle
Christian Maillet
Luciene Raimbourg
Daniele Emilfork (Satan)

Alternative Titles

Au service du diable
Castle of Death
O Demonio Sai a Meia-Noite – Brazilian video title
The Devil Walks at Midnight
The Devil’s Longest Night
The Devil’s Nightmare – USA
Nightmare of Terror
La notte piu lunga del diavolo – Italy
La nuit des pétrifiés
La terrificante notte del demonio
Vampire Playgirls – USA (re-release)

Extracts included in
Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell (1987)

Production Notes

In the USA, the film was originally released in 1972 with cuts and PG rating. In 1974, it was re-issued with restored scenes from the lesbian sex scene and an R rating.



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