La notte dei diavoli (1972)

Italy, Spain, 1972
35mm film, Techniscope, colour, 2.35:1

An Italian/Spanish horror film directed by Giorgio Ferroni.

Plot Summary

A man suffering from shock and amnesia is taken to a clinic. He’s identified by a young woman and begins to remember the horrific events that happened at her house…


Directed by: Giorgio Ferroni
Filmes Cinematografica, Due Emme Cinematografica, Rome, Copercines – Madrid [Italian prints]
Copercines of Madrid, Filmes Cinematografica and Due Emme of Rome [Spanish prints]
Depósito Legal: M-11540-72 [Spanish prints]
Executive Producer: Luigi Mariani [Italian prints]
Produced by: Eduardo Manzanos
Written by: Romano Migliorini, Gianbattista Mussetto, Eduardo M. Brochero [Italian prints]
Written by: Eduardo M. Brochero, Romano Migliorini, Gianbattista Mussetto [Spanish prints]
Story by: Eduardo M. Brochero
Based on a Story [Sem’ya vurdalaka] by: A. Tolstoi 1An alternative spelling of Aleksei Tolstoy – not credited on Spanish prints
Director of Photography: Manuel Berenguer Editor: Gianmaria Messeri [credited as Gian M. Messeri on Italian prints]
Music by: Giorgio Gaslini
Sound: Umberto Picistrelli [Italian prints]
Costumes: Elio Micheli, Cantini [Italian prints]
Costumes: Peris HNOS. [Spanish prints]
Make-up: Massimo Giustini [Italian prints]
Make-up: Adolfo Ponte, A. Mecacci [Spanish prints]
Hair Stylist: Giorgio Bendini [Italian prints]
Hair Stylist: Julia Gonzalez [Spanish prints]
Special Effects: Rambaldi [Italian prints]
Special Effects: Baquero [Spanish prints]
Art Directors: Eugenio Liverani, Cubero [real name: Jaime Pérez Cubero]-Galicia [real name: José Luis Galicia] [Italian prints]
Art Directors: Cubero-Galicia [real name: José Luis Galicia] [Spanish prints]

Italian prints
Gianni Garko [Nicola]
Agostina Belli [Sdenka]
Mark Roberts [real name: Roberto Maldera] [Jovan]
Cinzia De Carolis [Irina]
Teresa Gimpera [Elena]
William Vanders [Gorca Ciuvelak]
Umberto Raho [Doctor Tosi]
Luis Suárez [Vlado]
Sabrina Tamborra
Rosa Toros [real name: Rosita Torosh] [nurse]
Stefano Oppedisano

Spanish version
Gianni Garko [Nicola]
Teresa Gimpera [Elena]
Agostina Belli [Sdenka]
Luis Suárez [Vlado]
Mark Roberts [real name: Roberto Maldera] [Jovan]
Bill Vanders [Gorca Ciuvelak]
Cinzia De Carolis [Irina]
Sabrina Tamborra
Umberto Raho [Doctor Tosi]
Rosa Toros [real name: Rosita Torosh] [nurse]
Stefano Oppedisano

Uncredited on any print
Tom Felleghy [Robinson]
Renato Turi

Alternative Titles

Night of the Devils – USA
La noche de los diablos – Spain



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