La noche de Walpurgis (1970)

Spain, West Germany,
82m (USA), 85m (Spain), 87m (West Germany)35mm film, Techniscope, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, Spanish

A Spanish horror film directed by León Klimovsky.

Plot Summary

Elvira and Genevieve are travelling through the French countryside in search of the lost tomb of the medieval murderess Countess Wandessa who was believed to be a vampire. They explore the castle of the werewolf Waldemar Daninsky and accidentally revive the countess who is soon looking for new victims.


* = uncredited

A Film by: León Klimovsky
Déposito Legal: M-28228-70
Plata Films, S.A. Madrid, Hi-Fi Stereo 70 KG. Munich
Producer: Salvadore Romero *
Screenplay by: Jacinto Molina [The real name of Paul Naschy. Credited as James Molin] and Hans Munkel [Hank Munkel on English language prints]
[English Language Version] Adapted by: Robert Oliver [real name: Dick Randall. On English language prints only]
Director of Photography: Leopoldo Villaseñor [Leo Williams on English language prints]
Editor: Antonio Gimeno [Tony Gimm on English language prints]
Music by: Antón García Abril [Antón Abril on English language prints]
Sound Technician: Sanmateo
Wardrobe: Humberto Cornejo
Make-up: José Luis Morales
Hair Stylist: Nuria Paradell
Special Effects: Antonio Molina
Art Director: Ludwig Orny

Paul Naschy (the wolf man [Waldemar Daninsky])
Gaby Fuchs (Elvira)
Bárbara Capell (Genevieve Bennett)
Andrés Resino [Andre Reese on English language prints]
Yelena Samarina [Helena Samarin on English language prints]
José Marco
Betsabé Sharon [Betty Sharon on English language prints]
Barta Barri [Barta Barry on English language prints]
Luis Gaspar [Louis Caspar on English language prints]
Ruperto Ares [Rupert Aros on English language prints]
Maria Luisa Tovar [Maria Tovar on English language prints]
Julio Peña
Paty Shepard as Wandesa
Andrés Fuerno [Inspector Marcelle] *
Eduardo Chappa [Mendigo-monstruo] *

Alternative Titles

Blood Moon
Le messe nere della contessa Dracula
– Italy
Nacht der Vampire
– Germany
Shadow of the Werewolf
A vámpírok éjjele
– Hungary
The Werewolf Versus Vampire Women
The Werewolf's Shadow
– UK

Sequel to
La marca del hombre lobo (1968)
Las noches del hombre lobo (1968) [It isn't clear that this film ever actually existed]
Los monstruos del terror (1969)
La furia del hombre lobo (1970)

Dr Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo (1972)
El retorno de Walpurgis (1973)
La maldición de la bestia (1975)
El retorno del Hombre-Lobo (1980)
La bestia y la espada mágica (1983)
El aullido del diablo (1987)



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