La noche de los mil gatos (1972)

63m (USA), 84m
35mm film, Panavision (anamorphic), Eastmancolor, 2.35:1
mono, Spanish

A Mexican horror film directed by René Cardona Jr.

Plot Summary

Millionaire Hugo picks up young woman on his helicopter flights around and lures them back to his castle. There, he seduces them and, with the help of the mute Gorgo, kills them. He keeps their heads as trophies and feeds the rest of their remains to his army of 1,000 flesh eating .


Director: René Cardona Jr
Avant Films, S.A.copyright MCMLXXII [1972]
Avant Films, S.A. presents
Produced by: Mario A. Zacarias
Associated Producers: René Cardona Jr, Hugo Stiglitz
Screen Play: Mario Marzac, René Cardona Jr
Photography: Alex Phillips Sr
Color: Rafael Leal
Film Editor: Alfredo Rosas Priego
Assistant [Film Editor]: Saúl Aupart
Music: Raúl Lavista
Sound Editor: Abraham Cruz
[Sound] Supervised by: James L. Fields
Recording: Manuel Topete
Rerecording: Ramon Moreno
RCA Hi-fi
Studio and Laboratory: Churubusco Azteca, S.A.

Anjanette Comer (married woman)
Zulma Faiad (exotic dancer)
Hugo Stiglitz (playboy)
Christa Linder (Christa)
Teresa Velázquez (playboy's fiance)
Barbara Angely (brunette)
Gerardo Zepeda (Dorgo)
Delia Pena Orta [Kathy – uncredited on English language version]
Jorge Russek [husband – uncredited on English language version]
Marcelo Villamil [dancer's lover – uncredited on English language version]
John Kelly [stranded doctor – uncredited on English language version]

Alternative Titles

Blood Feast
The Night of 1000 Cats
The Night of 1,000 Cats
The Night of a Thousand Cats – USA
La notte dei mille gatti – Italy



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