La muerte viviente (1968)

Mexico, 1971
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.37:1
mono, Spanish

A Mexican horror film directed by Juan Ibañez.

Plot Summary

On a remote Caribbean island, new police officer Captain Labesch tries to clean up the local voodoo cult who are protected by zombies.


NOTE: Credits are taken from an English language version print.
* = uncredited

Director: Jhon Ibanez [real name: Juan Ibañez]
Director of Hollywood Unit: Jack Hill
Copyright by Film, V.S.A.
Horror International Films presents. Producciones Filmicas Vergara *
Producer: Henry Verg [real name: Luis Enrique Vergara]
Screenplay: Jack Hill
Director of Photography: Austin Mckinney
Film Editor: John Mungea [real name: José Juan Munguía]
Music: Alice Urereta [real name: Alicia Urreta]
[Sound] Recorder: Richard Saldiv [real name: Ricardo Saldívar]
Wardrobe: Richard S. Bruno
Make-up: Louis Lane
Special Effects: Ross Hahn
Art Director: Ray Markham [real name: José Méndez and Octavio Ocampo]

Boris Karloff [Dr Karl Van Molder, ‘Damballah’]
Julissa [Annabella Vanderborg]
Charles East [real name: Carlos East] [Lt Andrew Wilhelm]
Ralph Bertrand [real name: Rafael Bertrand] [Captain Pierre Labiche]
Quintín Bulnes [Klingsor]
Santanon [real name: Rafael Muñoz Santanon] [himself]
July Marichael [real name: Julia Marichal]
Yol Duhalt [real name: Yolanda Duhalt] [María]

Alternative Titles

Gli adoratori della morte – Italian title
Cult of the Dead – German video, Hungarian title
Isla de los muertos – Spanish title
Isle of the Living Dead
Isle of the Snake People
– US title
A Serpente do Terror
– Brazilian title
Snake People
– German title

Extracts included in
100 Years of Horror: Boris Karloff (1996)
100 Years of Horror: Zombies (1996)


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