La Morte vivante (1982)

France, 1982
35mm film, colour, 1.66:1
mono, French

A French horror film directed by Jean Rollin. An English language version was shot by Gregory Heller, who filmed his scenes immediately after Rollin had shot his scenes but that version has never beed released.

Plot Summary

A toxic spill revives a recently deceased youn woman who is sheltered by her adoring childhood friend as she struggle sto cope with her new-found blood lust.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Jean Rollin
© Films A.B.C. 1982
Visa de contrôle cinématographique no. 54557
A Films A.B.C., Films Aleriaz, Films du Yaka, Sam Selsky production
Produced by: Sam Selsky *
Original Scenario by: Jean Rollin
French Adaptation by: Jean Rollin and Jacques Ralf
Dialogue by: Jacques Ralf
American Version by: Gregory Heller
Director of Photography: Max Monteillet
Edited by: Janette Kronegger
Original Music by: Philippe d’Aram
Sound Mixer: Henri Graff
Costume Designer: Christine Delbecq
Make-up: Eric Pierre
Special Effects: Benoit Lestang

Marina Pierro (Hélène)
Françoise Blanchard (Catherine Valmont)
Mike Marshall (Greg)
Carina Barone (Barbara Simon)
Fanny Magieri
Patricia Besnard-Rousseau
Veronique Pinson
Sandrine Morel
Delphine Laporte
Jean Cherlian
Jean-Pierre Bouyxou
Alain Petit
Jacques Marbeuf
Sam Selsky
Lise Overman
Laurence Royer
Veronique Carpentier
Jean Herel
Dominique Treillos
‘Les Stars Fire’ Orchestra with Anita

Alternative Titles

Elävä Kuollut Tyttö – Finland (DVD)
Lady Dracula – West Germany
Den Levande döda flickan – Sweden
The Living Dead Girl – Finnish/German/UK/USA
La muerta viviente – Spain
Scare – Dead or Alive? – West Germany (video)
Ziva smrt – Slovenia
Zombie Queen – Japan (video)
I Zontani nekri – Greece