La maschera del demonio (1960)

83m [USA], 87m [Italy]
35mm, black and white, 1.66:1
mono, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Mario Bava. It was Bava's first genre film as director (not counting his uncredited work on I vampiri (1957) and Caltiki il mostro immortale (1959)) and was banned in the UK for eight years.

Plot Summary

In the 17th century, Princess Asa and her brother Prince Igor Javutich are for practising witchcraft and vampirism. Two hundred years later, Asa is accidentally freed from her tomb by a pair of doctors and, with her reborn brother, she sets about possessing the body of her lookalike descendant, Katia.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Mario Bava
© Galatea S.p.A. Roma; © Alta Vista Productions [US version]
A Galatea Film, Jolly Film production. James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff present [US version]
Executive Producer: Samuel Z. Arkoff [US version]
Produced by: Massimo De Rita
Producer [US Version]: Lou Rusoff
Screen Play by: Ennio De Concini, Mario Serandrei, Mario Bava *
Screenplay/Adaptation: Marcello Coscia *
From a tale [The Vij] by: Nikolaj Gogol
Photography by: Mario Bava
Editors: Mario Serandrei; Salvatore Billitteri [US version]
Music Composed by: Roberto Nicolosi
English Dialogue Written and Directed by: George Higgins III [US version]
Wardrobe by: Tina Loriedo Grani
Sets Designed by: Giorgio Giovannini

Barbara Steele [Barbara Steel on US prints] (Princess Katia/Princess Asa)
John Richardson (Dr Andrej Gorobek)
Andrea Checchi (Dr Choma Kruvajan)
Ivo Garrani (Prince Vajda)
Arturo Dominici (Javutich)
Enrico Olivieri (Constantin Vajda)
Antonio Pierfederici (the priest)
Tino Bianchi (Ivan)
Clara Bindi (innkeeper)
Mario Passante (Nikita)
Renato Terra (Boris)
Germana Dominici (inkeeper's daughter, peasant girl)

Alternative Titles

Black Sunday – USA
House of Fright
Djævelens maske – Denmark
Het Duivels-Masker – Belgium
La mascára del demonio – Spain, Mexico
The Mask of Satan – USA
Le Masque du d̩mon РFrance
Paholaisen naamio – Finland
of the Vampire – UK
Seytanin maskeski – Turkey
Die Stunde venn Dracula Kommt – German

La maschera del demonio (1989)

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The Shrine (2012)


Film Daily vol.118 no.35 (21 February 1961) p.8
Mario Bava […] never lets the suspense lag, or a scene's impact falter […] Black Sunday is a film that lingers in the mind quite a while after the final ‘The End'” – from a review by H.M.

Variety 22 February 1961
There is sufficient cinematographic ingenuity and production flair in Black Sunday to keep an audience pleasantly unnerved. This in spite of a screenplay that reads, in translation from the original Italian, like a grade school imitation of Poe… Most of the suspense and excitement stirred up in the Massino de Rita production is accomplished by means of photography and artwork. The lens, under the perceptive guidance of director Bava, keeps zooming, swooping and snooping in and out of dark, forbidding corners of the castle and surrounding forest to hold the spectator's nerves at attention. – Tube

L'Incroyable Cinema vol.1 no.1 (January 1969) p.33
[T]hose who troop to see it for its reputed excesses of horror will be disappointed. Those who go to see it as a work of art will not. This is arguably the most potent Gothic visualization since Nosferatu. Not only its action but its landscapes, its sounds, its light and shadow, are informed by the spectral, circumscribed by a hereditary curse and by the supernatural sexuality which is uniquely Bava's. If I'm saying little about this astonishing film, it's not so much that it's all been said as that this is a film to experience, not to discuss. True imagination is still at a premium in the horror film, and it's this and Barbara Steele which make Black Sunday so precious. – from a review by J. Ramsey Campbell



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