La marca del hombre lobo (1968)

35mm, 70mm, Eastmancolour, 2.00:1
Hi-fi Stereo 70, Spanish

A Spanish horror film directed by Enrique López Eguiluz.

Plot Summary

Werewolf seeks help from a German occult expert and his wife. But they turn out to be with plans of their own for Daninsky.


Directed by: Enrique L. Eguiluz [real name: Enrique López Eguiluz]
© [not given on screen]
Production Company: A Maxper P.C. production
Executive Producer: Maximiliano Pérez-Flores
Story and Screenplay: Jacinto Molina
Director of Photography: Emilio Foriscot
Editor: Francisco Jaumandreu
Music Composed and Directed by: Ángel Arteaga
Production Sound Mixer:
Costume Designer:
Make-up: José Luis Ruiz
Hair Stylist: Inés González
Special Effects: Molina
Art Director: José Luis Ferrer

Paul Naschy (Waldemar Daninsky)
Dianik Zurakowska [real name: Dyanik Zurakowska] (Countess Janice von Aarenberg
Manuel Manzaneque (Rudolph Weissmann
Aurura de Alba (Wandessa Mikhelov
Julián Ugarte (Dr Janos Mikhelov
José Nieto (Count Sigmund von Aarenberg
Carlos Casaravilla (Judge Aarno Weismann
Ángel Menéndez (Otto
Antonio G. Escribano [real name: Antonio Jiménez Escribano]
Rafael Alcantara
Juan Medina
Antonio Orengo (Otto)
Angela Rhu
Pilar Vela
Milagros Ceballos (Martha)
Beatriz Savón (Frau Hildegard)
Ma Teresa Torralba [real name: María Teresa Torralba]
Victoriano López
Rossana Yanni [real name: Rosanna Yanni] (Nascha)
Gualberto Galban (Gyogyo)

Alternative Titles

Frankenstein's Bloody Terror – USA
Hell's Creatures – UK, USA
O Horos ton vrykolakon – Greece
The Mark of the Wolfman – English language title
Le notti di Satana – Italy
Die Vampire des Dr. Dracula – West Germany
The Vampire of Dr. Dracula
Les Vampires du Dr. Dracula – France
Varulvens blodiga natt – Sweden
The Werewolf's Mark
The Wolfman of Count Dracula – USA (advertising)



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