La guerra dei robot (1978)

103m, 2690 metres
35mm film, Telecolor
mono, Italian

An Italian science fiction film directed by Alfonso Brescia using the name Al Bradly.

Plot Summary

An alien civilization on the verge of extinction kidnaps genetic scientists from Earth and a team is sent to get them back rom a race of humanoid .


Directed by: Al Bradly [real name: Alfonso Brescia]
A Nais Film production
Production Supervisor: Lewis Allenby [real name: Luigi Alessi]
Story and Screenplay: Al Bradly [real name: Alfonso Brescia], Alan Rawton [real name: Aldo Crudo]
Second Unit and Stunt Director: Frank Parsons [real name: Franco Pasquetto]
Assistant Director: Max Cairncross [real name: Massimo Carocci]
Continuity: Julie Geralds [real name: Giuliana Gherardi]
Director of Photography: Cyril Franks [real name: Silvio Fraschetti]
Cameramen: Johnny Martin, Stanley Boys
Assistant Cameraman: Hughie Moxon
Key Grip: Johnny Dale [real name: Giancarlo Serravalli]
Head Electrician: Mike Verrall [real name: Marcello Valesani]
Still Photographer: Robert Siz [real name: Roberto Calabró]
Film Editor: Mark Arnold [real name: Carlo Reali]
Original Music: Marcus Griffin [real name: Marcello Giombini]
Copyright Nazional Music
Sound Engineer: Bert Battey
Boom Man: Stephen Alexis [real name: Stefano Alessi]
Costumes: Helena Cuthbert [real name: Elena de Cupis]
Wardrobe: Mary Small
Costumes [Supplied by]: G.P.11
Space Suits: Trissi Sport
Shoes: Ulderico Arditi
Make-up: Ralph Rainer [real name: Raul Ranieri]
Make-up Assistant: Marcel Weaver [real name: Marcello Meniconi]
Hairdresser: Nadia Ross-Milward [real name: Nerea Rosmanit]
Wigs: Palombi Rocchetti
Special Optical Effects: Allan Forsyth [real name: Aldo Frollini]
Animation: Studio H
Animation Editor on Blue Back and Transparencies: Charles Brody
Sets and Decor: Michael Salter [real name: Mimmo Scavia], Adrienne Bell [real name: Adriana Bellone]
Set Construction: Sol Sickle [real name: Salvatore Siciliano] and son
Carpentry: Alfred Danby [real name: Alfredo D'Angelo]
Furnishings: Ikonos
Production Secretary: Lew Coleby [real name: Luigi Colella]
Assistant Production Secretary: Joseph Currie [real name: Giuseppe Currao]
Transport: Arthur Peace
Plastic Materials: Urbal Plex
Unit Manager: Tony Pitts [real name: Antonio Pittalis]
Made at the De Paolis INCIR Studios-Roma

Antonio Sabàto [Captain John Boyd]
Yanti Somer [Julie]
Melissa Long [real name: Malisa Longo] [Lois Spears]
Patricia Gore [real name: Patrizia Gori] [Trissa crew]
James R. Stuart [real name: Giacomo Rossi Stuart] [Roger]
Robert Barnes[real name: Roberto Bianchetti]
Nick Jordan [real name: Aldo Kanti] [Kuba the alien]
Henry Goddard [real name: Enrico Gozzo]
Lilian Lacey [real name: Licinia Lentini] [Commander King's assistant]
Frank Siedlitz
Max Wright [real name: Massimo Righi] [ Wilkes]
Dean Cantor [real name: Dino Scandiuzzi]
Andrew Hurry
Nicole Stocks [real name: Nicole Stoliaroff] [Trissa crew]
Ian Pulley
Vernon Vernons [real name: Venantino Venantini] [ Paul]
Jacques Herlein [Professor Carr]
Mickey Pilgrim [real name: Ines Pellegrini] [Sonia]

Alternative Titles

La guerra de los robots – Spain
La guerre des robots – France
Kodikos: ‘Soste ti Gi – Greece (video)
Krieg der Roboter – West Germany
The War of the Robots – English language title
The war of the Robots – Norway
War of the Robots – USA

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