La fille de Dracula (1972)

France, Spain, Portugal, 1972
87m (France), 89m (Argentina)
35mm film, Eastmancolor

A French/Spanish/Portuguese horror film directed by Jesus Franco using the pseudonym Jess Franco.

Plot Summary

Luisa arrives at her grandmother’s deathbed to hear that her family has been cursed, that her ancestor the Baron Karlstein was a vampire. Despite this, and the murder of a local woman in her bath, Luisa decides to move into the family mansion, sharing it with her uncle Baron Max Karlstein, her cousin Karine, The sinister caretaker Cyril and the family curse…


* = uncredited

Director: Jess Franco [real name: Jesus Franco]
Interfilme Produções Cinematograficas, Lda, Comptoir Fransçais du Film Production *, Cooperativa Fenix Films *
Executive Producer: Arturo Marcos Tejedor [credited on German DVD version]
Producer: Victor De Costa
French Producer: Robert de Nesle *
Spanish Producer: Arturo Marcos Tejedor *
Production Manager: Victor De Costa [credited on German DVD version]
Screenplay and Adaptation: Jess Franco [real name: Jesus Franco]
Director of Photography: Pepe Climens [real name: Jose Climent]
Editor: Roberto Fandiño [credited on German DVD version]
Music: Rene Sylviano [real names: Daniel J. White and Jesus Franco]
Music: Daniel J. White [credited on German DVD version]
Additional Music: Jess Franco, Exequiel Caldas [credited on German DVD version]
Costumes: Carlos Viudes [credited on German DVD version]
Make-Up: Elisenda Villanueva [credited on German DVD version]

Britt Nichols (Luisa Karlstein)
Anne Libert [real name: Josiane Gibert] (Karine)
Alberto Dalbés (Inspector Ptuschko)
Howard Vernon (Dracula)
Jesus Franco (Cyril Jefferson)
Fernando Bilbao (Charlie)
Eduarda Pimenta (1st victim)
Yelena Samarina (Ana Kramer)
Daniel J. White (Count Max Karlstein)
Lina Romay (Miss Edith)
Carmen Carbonnel (Baroness Karlstein)
Conchita Nunez (Margot, cafe waitress)

Alternative Titles

Daughter of Dracula
De Dochter van Dracula – Belgium
Eine Jungfrau in den Krallen von Vampiren – Germany (DVD)
A Filha de Dracula – Portugal
La hija de Drácula – Spain
La main d’un assassin – shooting title
Las vampiras y el sexo
De Vloek van Dracula – Netherlands



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