La Dame de pique (1937)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, French

A French horror film directed by Fedor Ozep.

Plot Summary

Compulsive gambler Lieutenant Hermann is determined to find out the secret to the success at cards of Countess Tomski. When she dies of fear, Hermann comes increasingly deranged.


Directed by: Fedor Ozep
Production Company: Général Productions
Executive Producers:
Produced by:
Written by: Fedor Ozep
Dialogue: Bernard Zimmer
Short Story: Pikovaya dama by Alexander Pushkin
Directors of Photography: Louis Née, Armand Thirard
Editor: Georges Friedland
Music by: Karol Rathaus
Sound Engineer: Antoine Archaimbaud
Costume Designer: Doboujinski
Hair Stylist:
Visual Effects:
Production Designers: Ivan Lochakoff, Vladimir Meingard

Marguerite Moreno (Countess Tomski)
Pierre Blanchar (Hermann)
André Luguet (Iretski)
Madeleine Ozeray (Lisa)
Abel Jacquin (Tomski)
Camille Bert (General)
Raymone (Glacha)
Pierre Palau (banker)
Roger Legris (Ivan)
Jean Didier (Marumoff)
Nathalie Alexeeff-Darsène, Madame Wormser, Caroline (maids)
Pierre Finaly (relay chief)
Sylvain Itkine (bookseller)
Michèle Alfa (Nadia)
Colette Wilde (florist)
Gabrielle Roanne (general)
Roger Blin
Geo Forster
Jérôme Goulven

Alternative Titles

Il demone del giuoco – Italian title
Patarouva – Finnish title
Pique Dame



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