La dama rossa uccide sette volte (1972)

Italy, West Germany, Monaco,
35mm film, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, Italian

An Italian/West German/Monacan horror film directed by Emilio P. Miraglia.

Plot Summary

Two sisters inherit the family castle and are stalked by a mysterious killer, a dark-haired woman in a red robe known as the Red Queen.


Directed by: Emilio P. Miraglia [credited as Tom Steinberg on English language prints]
[© not given on screen]
A Phoenix Cinematografica Roma S.p.A., Romano Film G.m.b.H., Traian Boeru Monaco co-production
Producer: Elio Di Pietro
Screenplay by: Emilio P. Miraglia, Fabio Pittorru
Story by: Fabio Pittorru
Director of Photography: Alberto Spagnoli
Edited by: Romeo Ciatti
Original Music by: Bruno Nicolai
Sound: Fiorenzo Magli, Umberto Picistrelli
Costume Designer: Lorenzo Baraldi
Make-up by: Giulio Natalucci
Hair Stylist: Jolanda Conti
Art Director: Lorenzo Baraldi

Barbara Bouchet [Kitty Wildenbrück]
Ugo Pagliai [Martin Hoffmann]
Marina Malfatti [Franziska Wildenbrück]
Maria Pia Giancaro [Rosemary Müller]
Marino Masè [police inspector]
Sybil Danning [Lulu Palm]
Nino Korda [Herbert Zieler]
Fabrizio Moresco [Peter]
Rudolf Schindler [Tobias Wildenbrück]
Maria Antoinetta Guido [model #1]
Carla Mancini [model #2]
Bruno Bertocci [Hans Meyer]


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