La cruz del diablo (1974)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, Spanish

A Spanish horror film directed by John Gilling.

Plot Summary

Writer Alfred Dawson suffers strange under the influence of , involving the legendary pursuing a young woman through a forest. He retires to Spain in order to overcome his addiction, but instead encounters the superstitions that are driving his hallucinations. He is followed everywhere by a sinister – and possibly demonic – figure in a black hood who slaughters everyone he meets, framing Dawson for the killings…


* = uncredited

Director: John Gilling
Depósito Legal: No.40183/1974
Production Company: Bulnes S.A. *
Producer: Diego G. Sempere
Written by: Juan José Porto, Jacinto Molina 1The real name of Paul Naschy.
Inspired by the Stories of: Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer
Director of Photography: Fernando Arribas
Editor: Alfonso Santacana
Music: Ángel Arteaga
Costumes: Cornejo
Key Make-up: Cristobal Criado
Hair Stylist: Carmen Sanchez
Special Effects: Pablo Perez
Art Director: José Ma. Tapiador

Carmen Sevilla (Maria)
Adolfo Marsillach (Cesar del Rio)
Emma Cohen (Beatriz)
Ramiro Oliveros (Alfred Dawson)
Eduardo Fajardo (Enrique Carrillo)
Mónica Randall (Justine)
Tony Isbert (Iñigo de Ataide)
Fernando Sancho (Ignacio)
Silvia Vivó (Ines)
Eduardo Calvo (prison governor)
Pascual Hernández (civil guard)
Antonio Ramis (servant)
Mariano Cristobal (coachman)

Alternative Titles

Cross of – USA
The Devil's Cross



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