La Chute de la maison Usher (1928)

France, 1928
55m, 63m
35mm film, black and white

A French horror film directed by Jean Epstein.

Plot Summary

Roderick Usher is obsessed with painting a portrait of his dying wife Madeline, aware that as his work progresses, so his wife’s condition deteriorates. She eventually dies, but returns from the grave to save Roderick from the blaze that destroys the house of Usher after it’s been struck by lightning.


* = uncredited

A film by Jean Epstein
Les Films Jean Epstein *
Production Managed by: Maurice Morlot
Screenplay: Jean Epstein *
Based on stories by: Edgar A. Poe
Assistant Director: Luis Buñuel *
Photographed by: Lucas
Slow Motion Photography: Hébert
Costumes Made by: Muelle
Costumes by: Fernand Oclise
Goldsmith: Christofle
Art Direction by: Pierre Kéfer
Studio: Studios d’Epinay *

Marguerite Gance (Lady Madeleine Usher)
Jean Debucourt (Roderick Usher)
Charles Lamy (Allan)
Fournez-Goffard [doctor] *
Luc Dartagnan [servant] *
Pierre Kéfer *
Pierre Hot *
Halma *

Alternative Titles

The Fall of the House of Usher



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