La chiesa (1989)

Italy, 1988
97m (Italy – video), 97m 44s (UK – video), 103m (Italy – theatrical), 110m (USA – video)
35mm film, colour, 1.66:1
stereo, English, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Michele Soavi.

Plot Summary

During medieval times, a cathedral is built on the site of a massacre, where hundreds of bodies of suspected Satanists were buried by blood thirsty . Centuries later, the church is being renovated and a librarian accidentally unleashes the that possessed the long-dead devil worshippers. The church becomes sealed and a group of people trapped inside are killed off one-by-one.


* = uncredited

Director: Michele Soavi
© [not given on screen]
Dario Argento presents an ADC Srl, Cecchi Gori Group, Tiger Cinematografica production in collaboration with Reteitalia
Producer: Dario Argento *
Script: Dario Argento, Franco Ferrini, Michele Soavi; Lamberto Bava *, Dardano Sacchetti *
Story: Dario Argento, Franco Ferrini
Director of Photography: Renato Tafuri
Editor: Franco Fraticelli
Original Music by: Keith Emerson and Goblin
Sound: Giulio Viggiani
Costume Designer: Maurizio Paiola
Key Make-up: Rosario Prestopini
Hair: Piero Cucchi, Assunta Emidi
Special Effects: Renato Agostini
Fantasy Creatures Designer and Created by: Sergio Stivaletti
Special Stage Effects: A. & G. Corridori
Art Director: Massimo Antonello Geleng
Locations: Budapest, Hungary *; Hamburg, Germany *

Tomas Arana (Evan)
Feodor Chaliapin (the Bishop)
Hugh Quarshie (Father Gus)
Barbara Cupisti (Lisa)
Antonella Vitale (‘princess' model bride)
Giovanni Lombardo Radice (sacristan)
Asia Argento (Lotte)
Roberto Caruso (Freddie)
Roberto Corbiletto (Hermann)
Alina De Simone (Lotte's mother)
Olivia Cupisti (Mira)
Gianfranco de Grassi (the accuser)
Claire Hardwick (Joanna)
Lar Jorgenson (Bruno)
John Karlsen (Heinrich)
Katherine Bell Marjorie (Heinrich's wife)
Riccardo Minervini (older schoolboy best friend)
Enrico Osterman (torturer)
Micaela Pignatelli (fashion shoot photographer)
Patrizia Punzo (Miss Brückner)
John Richardson (architect)
Matteo Rocchietta (younger of schoolboy best friends)
Michele Soavi [policeman] *

Alternative Titles

Cathedral of Demons – early title
The Church – UK/USA title
Demon Cathedral – early title
Demons 3 – early title
El engendro del diablo – Spanish title
In the Land of the Demons – early title
Return to the Land of the Demons – early title

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