La casa del tappeto giallo (1982)

Italy, 1982
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An Italian horror film directed by Carlo Lizzani.

Plot Summary

Franca and her husband Antonio try to sell a yellow carpet given to them by her stepfather. Alone one day, France meets a strange man who says he wants to buy the rug but who ends up kidnapping her. It seems he may have murdered his wife on the same carpet and Franca may be next. Then things start to get really strange…


Director: Carlo Lizzani
R.P.A. s.a.s. Cinematografica in association with RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana
Producer: Filiberto Bandini
Production Manager: Paolo Lucidi
Script: Lucio Battistrada, Filiberto Bandini
Play: Theatre at Home by Aldo Selleri
Assistant Directors: Maria Teresa Elena, Fabrizio Giordani
Script Supervisors: Rachele Griffiths, Rosanna Federica D'Intino
Director of Photography: Giuliano Giustini
Cameraman: Giancarlo Martella
Assistant Cameraman: Mariano Cafiero
Gaffer: Pietro Roncati
Key Grip: Italo Clementi
Stills: Guglielmo Coluzzi
Editor: Angela Cipriani
Assistant Editors: Luisa Cipriani, Bruno Micheli
Negative Developing and Printing: Telecolor
Music: Stelvio Cipriani
Music Publishers: Bandem
Sound Recordist: Carlo Palmiero
Sound Mixer: Danilo Moroni
Sound Boom Operator: Pierlao Fondi
Sound Recording and Synchronisation: C.D.S.-Rome
Sound Effects: Cooperativa Studio Sound
Wardrobe Designers: Lina Taviani, Pamela Aicardi
Seamstress: Rina Cipriani
Wardrobe: Russo
Make Up: Silvana Petri
Hair: Guerrino Todero
Titles: Moviecom 2000
Set Designer: Elena Ricci Poccetto
Assistant Set Designer: Livia Borgognoni
Property Master: Sergio Grassi
Furnishings: Linea B
Construction Foreman: Alfredo Talusi
Production Assistant: Amedeo Felici
Publicist: Maria Ruhle
Business Manager: Alfredo Cafiero
The Carpet (Lion of Persia) Made By: G. Paracchi & Co. S.p.A.
Studio: R.P.A.-Elios, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Unit Manager: Enzo Tacchia

Erland Josephson (professor)
Béatrice Romand (Franca
Vittorio Mezzogiorno (Antonio)
Milena Vukotic (psychiatrist)

Alternative Titles

House of the Yellow Carpet



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