La casa 3: Ghosthouse (1987)

Italy, 1987
90m (Netherlands), 91m (Germany), 95m (Canada/USA), 2632 metres
35mm film, colour
Dolby Stereo, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Umberto Lenzi using the pseudonym Humphrey Humbert.

Plot Summary

A young girl, Henrietta slashes her pet cat’s throat and gets locked in the cellar by her shocked parents as punishment. But while she’s down there, mum and dad are killed by a knife wielding maniac, and little Henrietta is left alone to die. Twenty years later, Paul a teenage CB fan based in Boston, picks up weird and frightening sounds drifting through the ether, followed by a spooky nursery rhyme. Paul tracks the source of the transmissions to Henrietta’s old house…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Humphrey Humbert [real name: Umberto Lenzi]
© [not given on screen]
Filmirage presents
Producer: Joe D’Amato *
Screenplay by: Cinthia Mc.Gavin
Story by: Humphrey Humbert [real name: Umberto Lenzi]
Dialogue: Sheila Goldberg
Director of Photography and Cameraman: Franco Delli Colli
Editor: Kathleen Stratton
Music by: Piero Montanari (for Idra Music)
Sound Men: Hubrecht Nihuis, David Lee
Wardrobe: Kuo Ami
Make-up: Peter Moor
Hairdressing: Paula White
Special Effects: Dan Maklansky, Robert Gould, Roland Park
Art Director: Alexander Colby
Locations: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Lara Wendel (Martha)
Greg Scott (Paul)
Kristen Fougerousse (Henriett [Baker])
Mary Sellers (Susan)
Kate Silver (Tina)
Ron Houck (Mark)
Martin Jay (Jim)
Willy M. Moon (Pepe)
Donald O’Brian (Valkos)
Susan Muller (Henriett’s mother)
Alain Smith (Henriett’s father [Sam Baker])
William J. Devany (Lieu Tenant [sic])
Ralph Morse (coroner)
Robert Champagne (mortician)
Hernest Mc. Kimnoro (cementery [sic] custodian)

Alternative Titles

La casa 3 – alternative title
Ghosthouse – Netherlands, UK, US, West Germany

Witchery (1988)



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