La cabina (1972)

35m film, Eastmancolor, 4:3
mono, Spanish
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A Spanish fantasy television film directed by Antonio Mercero.

Plot Summary

A man is trapped in a phone box, unable to get out even with the help of several passers-by. Eventually, mysterious men, apparently from the telephone company, arrive and carry the box off, with the man still inside. His relief at possibly being rescued soon turns to terror when he sees where the box is being taken and what may become of him…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Antonio Mercero
© [not given on screen]
Televisión Española presents a Televisión Española production
Production: José Salcedo
Screenplay: José Luis Garci and Antonio Mercero
Original Story by: Antonio Mercero
Assistant Director: Mariano Canales
Photography: Federico G. Larraya
“Camara”: Francisco G. Conde
Editor: Javier Morán
Art Director: Antonio Sanz *
Set Decorator: Francisco Sanz
Locations: Madrid, Spain *
Televisión Española thanks: Iberduero, S.A. Iberia lineas aéreas de españa and Vallehermoso, S.A.

José Luis López Vázquez
Agustín González
Goyo Lebrero
Tito García
Carmen Martínez Sierra
Carmen Luján
María Vico
Felipe Martín Puerta
José Montijano
Mariano Banderas
Antonio Moreno
José Miguel Aguado, Arturo Fernández (the children)


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