La bambola di satana (1969)

90m, 2469 metres
35mm film, Eastmancolor

An Italian horror film directed by Ferruccio Casapinta.

Plot Summary

Elisabeth visits the ancestral castle for the reading of her late uncle's will. But the legend of the castle's ghost is only one of her problems – she starts having disturbing erotic and is abducted by a hooded figure who imprisons her in the torture dungeon. Her boyfriend Jack suspects that someone is after her inheritance and begins his own investigation…


Director: Ferruccio Casapinta
A Cinediorama production
Producer: Carlo Chamblant
Script: Giorgio Cristallini, Carlo M. Lori, Ferruccio Casapinta
Story: Ferruccio Casapinta
Dialogue: Alfredo Medori
Director of Photography: Francesco Attenni
Editor: Franco Attenni
Original Music: Franco Potenza
Sound: Giuseppe Mangione
Costume Designer: Giuliana Serano
Make-up: Oscar Pacelli, Leandro Marini
Hairdresser: Lucia La Porta
Art Director: Sandro Dell'Orco [real name: Allessandro Dell'Orco]

Erna Schurer (Elizabeth)
Roland Carey (Jack)
Aurora Battista
Ettore Ribotta
Lucie Bomez
Manlio Salvatori
Franco Daddi
Beverly Fuller
Eugenio Galadini
Giorgio Gennari
Domenico Ravenna
Teresa Ronchi
Ivan Giovanni Scratuglia

Alternative Titles

Der Satan ohne Gesicht – Germany



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