Konets vechnosti (1987)

USSR, 1987
35mm film, colour
mono, Russian

A Russian science fiction film directed by Andrei Yermash.

Plot Summary

Staff at the the time-changing organization Eternity need to make sure that the events leading up to the founding of the organisation occur as history intended and Andrew Harlan finds himself forced to make a decision whether or not to allows things to play out oir to destroy Eternity.


Directed by: Andrei Yermash
Written by: Budimir Metalnikov, Andrei Yermash
Based on the Novel The End of Eternity by: Isaac Asimov
Director of Photography: Naum Ardashnikov
Editor: T. Yegorycheva [real name: Tatyana Egorycheva]
Music by: Eduard Artemev
Sound: Olga Burkova
Costume Designer: A. Vasileva
Make-up: I. Perminova [real name: Iya Perminova]
Pyrotechnic Effects by: N. Barutskob
Production Designer: Boris Blank

Oleg Vavilov (Andrew Harlan)
Vera Sotnikova (Noyes Lambent)
Georgi Zhzhyonov (Laban Twissel)
Sergey Yurskiy (Senior Computer Fingy)
Gediminas Girdvainis (Mallanson/Cooper)
Boris Ivanov (Senior Computer Sennor)
Boris Klyuev (Socilogist Cantor Voy)
Mikk Mikiver (Yarrow)
Evgeniy Markov

Alternative Titles

The End of Eternity
Das Ende der Ewigkeit – East German title

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