Komodo (1999)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1

An Australian horror film directed by Michael Lantieri.

Plot Summary

Twenty years after they hatched from eggs dumped on an island off the coast of North Carolina, a pack of Komodos are causing problems for Patrick whose parents were killed by the creatures. With the help of his therapist Victoria, he returns to the island where they find themselves under siege from the vicious monsters.


Director: Michael Lantieri
Komodo Film Productions Pty Ltd, Scanbox Asia Pacific Ltd
Executive Producers: Cammie Morgan, Chris Davis, Devesh Chetty, Richard Vane
Producers: Alan Riche, Tony Ludwig
Co-Producer: Chris Brown
Line Producer: Tom Hoffie
Script: Hans Bauer, Craig Mitchell
Director of Photography: David Burr
Editor: Michael Fallavollita
Music: John Debney
Senior Make-up: Lynne O'Brien
Animatronics Supervisor: John Cox's Creature Workshop: John Cox
Prosthetics Supervisor: Kym Sainsbury
Visual Effects Supervisor: Thomas Schelesny
Production Designer: George Liddle

Jill Hennessy (Victoria)
Billy Burke (Oates)
Kevin Zegers (Patrick Connally)
Paul Gleeson (Denby)
Nina Landis (Annie)
Michael Edward-Stevens (Martin Gris)
Simon Westaway (Bracken)
Bruce Hughes (Mr Connally)
Jane Conroy (Mrs Connally)
Melissa Jaffer (Patrick's grandmother)
Brian McDermott (Sheriff Gordon)
Nique Needles (hippie in flashback with eggs)

Alternative Titles

Dragões de Komodo – Brazilian television title
Komodo – The Living Terror – German title



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