Kommissar X: Jagd auf Unbekannt (1966)

West Germany, Italy, Yugoslavia,
35mm film, Ultrascope, Eastmancolor, 2.35:1
mono, German

A West German/Italian/Yugoslavian science fiction film directed by Gianfranco Parolini using the pseudonym Frank Kramer.

Plot Summary

Private detective Jo Walker (aka Komissar X) is searching Yugoslavia for a missing nuclear scientist when he meets NYPD Captain Tom Rowland who is in the country training local police. They join forces as they uncover an evil mastermind named Oberon who has amassed a horde of radioactive gold bullion which he has secreted on Adriatic island guarded by an army of hypnotised women.


Directed by: Frank Kramer [real name: Gianfranco Parolini]
© 1968 Independent Television Corporation New York 1On English language prints only.
Parnass-Film 2Not credited on English language prints.. A Metheus Film and Avala-Film co-production
Produced by: Hans A. Pflüger, Theo M. Werner
Written by: Sim O'Neill [real name: Giovanni Simonelli], Frank Kramer [real name: Gianfranco Parolini], Werner Hauff [real name: Theo Maria Werner]
Based on the Novel Kommissar X by: Bert F. Island [real name: Paul Alfred Müller]
Director of Photography: Francesco Izzarelli 3Francis Izzarelli on German prints]; Bosa Milet, Hermann Lurke 3Credited on English language prints.
Editor: Edmond Lozzi 4Credited as Edmund Lozzi on English language prints.
Music by: Bobby Gutesha [real name: Mladen Gutesa]
Sound: Vladimir Dodig
Costume Designer: Else Heckmann, Betty Gobec [real name: Jelisaveta Gobecki. Credited as Betty Gobecky on German prints]
Make-up: Jupp Paschke, Fritz Havenstein
Production Design: Niko Matul
Design: Francis Izzarelli [real name: Francesco Izzarelli. Only credited as “Design” on English language prints]

Tony Kendall [Jo Louis Walker/Kommissar X]
Brad Harris [Capt. Tom Rowland]
Maria Perschy [Joan Smith]
Christa Linder [Pamela Hudson]
Ingrid Lotarius
Nikola Popovic [O'Brien]
Pino Mattei [real name: Giuseppe Mattei] [Kan]
Jacques Bezard [real name: Jacques Bézard] [Captain Olson]
Danielle Godet [Pat]
Olivera Vuco [real name: Olivera Katarina] [Bobo]
Liliana Dulovic [real name: Liliane Dulovic][Nancy Wright]
Sim O'Neill [real name: Giovanni Simonelli]
Dusan Perkovic
Viktor Starcic
Dusan Antonijevic
Dragan Lakovic
Aleksandar Stojkovic
Bozidar Miletic
Jovan Rancic
Zivojin Denic

Alternative Titles

12 donne d'oro – Italian title
Comisario X – Spanish title
Comisario X-misión diabólica – Mexican title
Comissário X – Ataque Fulminante – Portuguese title
Le commissaire X traque les chiens verts – French title
Dodeka hryses gynaikes – Greek title
Fili gia fili, sfaira gia sfaira – Greek re-release title
Hunting the Unknown – Dutch video title
Jagad av okänd – Swedish Finnish title
Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill – UK title
Kiss Kiss… Kill Kill – US television title
Komesar X – Croatian Yugoslavian title
Tabancali yosmalar – Turkish title
Tuntemattoman takaa – ajama – Finnish video title

Kommissar X: Drei gelbe Katzen (1966)
Kommissar X: In den Klauen des goldenen Drachen (1966)
Kommissar X: Drei grüne Hunde (1967)
Kommissar X: Drei blaue Panther (1968)
Kommissar X: Drei goldene Schlangen (1969)
Kommissar X jagt die roten Tiger (1971)



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