Kolobos (1999)

82m 58s (UK – video (PAL)); 84m
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Daniel Liatowitsch and David Todd Ocvirk.

Plot Summary

Artist Kyra Mitchell joins a three month anthropological experiment to create an experimental film. She has to share a luxury mountain resort wih a group of other volunteers – who all soon find themselves trapped inside the house with a killer on the loose, a faceless killer that Kyra has been seeing in her


Directed by: Daniel Liatowitsch & David Todd Ocvirk
© 1999 by Armitage Pictures
An Armitage Pictures production. A Liatowitsch/Ocvirk film
Executive Producer: Edward R. Taylor
Producers: Nne Ebong, Dana Altman
Screenplay by: Nne Ebong, Daniel Liatowitsch, David Todd Ocvirk
Director of Photography: Yoram Astrakhan
Edited by: Brian Olson
Music by: William Kidd
Production Sound Mixer: Jeff Heintzleman
Wardrobe Supervisor: Nancy Ross
Key Make-Up Artist: Mike Torres
Hair Stylist: Shelly Hunt
Special Effects Make-Up: Jason Collins, Elizabeth Villamarin
Mechanical Effects: Preston Fischer
Production Design: Preston Fischer

Amy Weber (Kyra)
Donny Terranova (Tom)
Nichole Pelerine (Erica)
John Fairlie (Gary)
Promise LaMarco (Tina)
Ilia Volokh (Faceless)
Linnea Quigley (Dorothy)
Kim Thomas (Dr Waldman)
Todd Beadle (Dr Jurgen)
Mari Weiss (Lucille)
Jonathan Rone (Carl)
Ivan Batee (Det. Byers)
Blaine Bolton (female impersonator)
Jeremy Kendall, Laura Holman (couple in alley)
Crystal Holman, Monique Moral, Joanne Wabisca (O.R. doctors)
Kelly John Okla (man on TV)
Laura Walker, Craig Hammond, Cassie Kaser, Sam Hays, Laura Chang (Slaughterhouse Factor cast)

Alternative Titles

Kolobos – Pesadelos Tornam-se Realidade! – Brazilian title
Kólobos: El último suspiro – Spanish title


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