Knockers Up (1963)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American fantasy comedy sex film directed by Peter Perry Jr using the pseudonym A.J. Gaylord.

Plot Summary

A peeping tom is given a potion by a Hindu mystic that makes him invisible.


Directed by: A.J. Gaylord [real name: Peter Perry Jr]
Produced by: A.J. Gaylord [real names: Seymour Borde, Dan Sonney]
Stills: William Rotsler

Sandra Montez (Millie the office girl)
Sidney Saks (Mr Winkle)
Althea Currier (busty woman)
Baby Bubbles (topless dancer)

Production Notes

The title caused the film problems in some parts of the States. Newspapers in Los Angeles 1Boxoffice vol.83 no.20 (9 September 1963) p.W-4 and Albuquerque 2Variety vol.233 no.8 (15 January 1964) p.18 refused to run ads for the film, forcing exhibitors to run ads with the title obscured by the words “Call theatres for a most provocative title” and set up an phoneline where callers would hear the recorded message: “Knockers Up, Knockers Up – see our Knockers Up.”


Extracts included in
That's Sexploitation! (2013)



  • Boxoffice vol.83 no.20 (9 September 1963) p.W-4 – note (LA Times bars ad using title of ‘Knockers Up')
  • Variety vol.233 no.8 (15 January 1964) p.18 – note (You can't say that)