Kiss Me Quick! (1964)

70m, colour
mono, English

An American comedy science fiction film directed by Peter Perry Jr using the name Seymour Tuchus.

Plot Summary

Alien ambassador Sterilox arrives on Earth in search of women to use as breeding stock. A mad scientist shows him his latest invention, dancing sex .


* = uncredited

Directed by: Seymour Tuchus [real name: Peter Perry Jr]
Fantasy Films
Produced by: Seymour Tuchus [real names: Max Gardens and Harry H. Novak]
Written by: Peter Perry Jr *
Director of Photography: Lester Kovacs [real name: László Kovács]
Music by: The Gallstones
Sound Effects: Frank Coe

Manny Goodtimes [real name: Max Gardens] (Dr Breedlove/The Grand Glom)
Fattie Beltbuckle [real name: Frank A. Coe] (Sterilox/Frankenstein monster)
Natasha (Boobra)
Jackie [real name: Jackie De Witt] (Kissme)
Bibi (Barebra)
Claudia [real name: Claudia Banks] (Hotty Totty)
Althea [real name: Althea Currier] (Gertie Tassle)
Donna (Gigi String)
Lucky (Lotta Cash)
Pat [real name: Pat Hall] (Gina Catchafanni)
Sexton Friendly

Alternative Titles

Dr. Breedlove
Dr. Breedlove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love
Embrasse-moi vite!
– French Belgian title
La vie sexuelle de Frankenstein – French title

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