King Solomon’s Treasure (1978)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

A Canadian fantasy film directed by Alvin Rakoff.

Plot Summary

A group of explorers are searching Africa for treasure and find theselves in a lost world where still roam.


Directed by: Alvin Rakoff
© Canafax Inc. 1978
Canafox, Inc.
Executive Producer: Harry Alan Towers
Produced by: Alvin Rakoff, Susan A. Lewis
Screenplay by: Colin Turner, Allan Prior
Screenplay based on Rider Haggard's Allan Quartermain
Director of Photography: Paul van der Linden
Film Editor: Stan Cole
Music by: Lew Lehman
Sound Recording: Jean Rival
Make-up: Marie-Angele Protat
Hair Dresser: Pierre David
Art Directors: Vianney Gauthier, James Wetherup
Filmed on location in Swaziland, Africa and Montreal, Canada

David McCallum (Sir Henry Curtis)
John Colicos (Allan Quatermain)
Patrick Macnee (Captain Good, R.N.)
Britt Ekland (Queen Nypeptha)
Yvon Dufour (Alphonse)
Ken Gampu (Umslopogaas)
Wilfrid Hyde White (oldest club member)
Veronique Béliveau (Neva)
John Quentin (Stetopatris)
Sam Williams (Matawani)
Hugh Rowse (Rev McKenzie)
Fiona Fraser (Mrs McKenzie)
Camilla Hutton (Flossie McKenzie)

Alternative Titles

Blago cara Solomona – Serbian title
Kong Salomons skatte – Danish title
König Salomons Schatz – West German title
Kuningas Salomonin aarre – Finnish video title
Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Treasure
Skarb króla Salomona – Polish title
De wraak van de luipaardman – Dutch title
Благо цара Соломона – Serbian title

Production Notes

Terry-Thomas was originally cast as Sir Henry Curtis.



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