King of the Zombies (1941)

USA, 1941
67m, 1847.09 metres
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Jean Yarbrough.

Plot Summary

During the Second World War, a plane crashes on a remote island and the three passengers seek refuge in a mansion owned by a doctor. But there are strange voodoo rituals going on in the basement where the doctor, working for the Nazis, is transferring personalities into zombies that he’s created in an effort to learn valuable war secrets.


Directed by: Jean Yarbrough
© MCMXLI [1941] by Monogram Pictures, Corp.
Monogram Pictures Corporation presents
Produced by: Lindsley Parsons
Production Manager: Mack Wright
Screen Play by: Edmond Kelso
Director of Photography: Mack Stengler
Film Editor: Richard Currier
Music Score and Direction: Edward Kay
Sound Directors: William Fox, Glen Rominger
Western Electric Mirrophonic Recording
Art Director: Charles Clague
Settings by: Dave Milton

Dick Purcell (James McCarthy)
Joan Woodbury (Barbara Winslow)
Mantan Moreland (Jeff)
Henry Victor (Dr Sangre)
John Archer (Bill Summers)
Patricia Stacey (Alyce Sangre)
Guy Usher (Admiral Wainwright)
Marguerite Whitten (Samantha)
Leigh Whipper (Momba)
Madame Sul-Te-Wan (Tahama)
Lawrence Criner (Dr Couillie)

Extracts included in
Horrible Horror (1986)

Production Notes

The film was released in the USA on 14 May 1941



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