King of Kings (1961)

160m, 17,232 feet
70mm film, Super Technirama, Technicolor
Westrex Recording System, English

An American religious fantasy film directed by Nicholas Ray and Charles Walters.

Plot Summary

The life of .


* = uncredited

Directed by: Nicholas Ray, Charles Walters
© MCMLXI [1961] by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. and Samuel Bronston Productions, Inc.
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents Samuel Bronston's production
Produced by: Samuel Bronston
Associate Producers: Alan Brown, Jaime Prades
Screen Play by: Philip Yordan
Narration Writer: Ray Bradbury *
Directors of Photography: Franz F. Planer, Milton Krasner, Manuel Berenguer
Film Editor: Harold F. Kress
Music by: Miklos Rozsa
Recording Supervisor: Franklin Milton
Sound Recordist: Basil Fenton Smith
Costumes Designed by: Georges Wakhevitch
Make-up Created by: Mario Van Riel, Charles Parker
Hair Styles by: Anna Cristofani
Special Effects: Alex C. Weldon
Special Photographic Effects: Lee LeBlanc
Sets Designed by: Georges Wakhevitch

Jeffrey Hunter (Jesus Christ)
Siobhan Mckenna (Mary, mother of Jesus)
Hurd Hatfield (Pontius Pilate)
Ron Randell (Lucius)
Viveca Lindfors (Claudia)
Rita Gam (Herodias)
Carmen Sevilla (Mary Magdalene)
Brigid Bazlen (Salome)
Harry Guardino (Barabbas)
Rip Torn (Judas)
Frank Thring (Herod Antipas)
Guy Rolfe (Caiphas)
Royal Dano (Peter)
Robert Ryan (John the Baptist)
Edric Connor (Balthazar)
Maurice Marsac (Nicodemus)
Gregoire Aslan (Herod)
George Coulouris (camel driver)
Conrado San Martin (General Pompey)
Gerard Tichy (Joseph)



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