Killer’s Moon (1978)

89m, 8,089 ft
35mm film, colour

A British horror film directed by Alan Birkinshaw.

Plot Summary

A quartet of are being treated with a revolutionary technique that involves ingestion of drugs which make them believe they are dreaming. The patients are then encouraged to act out their fantasies free of any inhibitions. But these four psychopaths escape from prison and, still believing that their dreaming, go on the rampage. Meanwhile, a group of arrives at a nearby mansion for a holiday…


* = uncredited

Director: Alan Birkinshaw
© MCMLXXVIII [1978] [no company given]
Rothernorth presents an Alan Birkinshaw film. Filmed by Rothernorth Limited
Producer: Alan Birkinshaw, Gordon Keymer
Production Manager: Ron Hyde
Screenplay: Alan Birkinshaw; Fay Weldon *
Assistant Director: Cormack Clark
Continuity: Isabelle Byers
Director of Photography: Arthur Lavis
Camera Operator: Chris Moore
Follow Focus: Ray Norris
Clapper Loader: Nick Houston
Gaffer Electrician: Len Duncan
Grip: Nick Pearson
Stills: Tom Edwards
Editor: David White
Processing by: Humphries film Laboratories Ltd.
Music by: John Shakespeare, Derek Warne
Songs: “The Beginning” words and music by Jayne Lester; “My Dream” words by Alan Birkinshaw & Jayne Lester, music by Jayne Lester; end song sung by Nick Curtis
Sound Mixer: Doug Smith
Boom Operator: Bill Burgess
Dubbing Editor: Brenda Taylor
Wardrobe: Maggi Wire
Make-Up: Ann Fairbain
Art Director: Carolyn Scott
Production Secretary: Emily Copping
Production Accountant: Zonny O'Connor *
Hannah Supplied by: Animals Unlimited
Filmed on location in the Lake District, Cumbria, England, UK
Special sequences film in Acorn Film Studios, Barnes, England and Prospect Studio Ltd, Barnes, England
Casting Director: Liz England

Anthony Forrest (Pete)
Tom Marshall (Mike)
Nigel Gregory (Mr Smith)
Jane Hayden (Julie)
Alison Elliott (Sandy)
Georgina Kean (Agatha)
David Jackson (Mr Trubshaw)
Paul Rattee (Mr Muldoon)
Peter Spraggon (Mr Jones)
Jo-Anne Good (Mary)
Jayne Lester (Elizabeth)
Lisa Vanderpump (Anne)
Debbie Martyn (Deirdre)
Christina Jones (Carol)
Lynne Morgan (Sue)
Jean Reeve (Mrs Hargreaves)
Elizabeth Counsell (Miss Lilac)
Charles Stewart (Bert)
Edwina Wray (Enid)
Hilda Braid (Mrs May)
Chubby Oates (bus driver)
Hugh Ross (government minister)
Graham Rowe (prison governor)
James Kerry (psychiatrist)
Carol Binstead (telephone operator)
Hannah [the three-legged dog] *

Production Notes

While shooting near Bassenthwaite Lake in the Lake District, sound mixer Doug Smith rescued a six year old girl and her father from the freezing waters after their canoe capsized. 1Screen International no.137 (6-12 May 1978) p.15.



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