Killer Workout (1986)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by David A. Prior.

Plot Summary

Valerie Johnson is killed at a gymnasium when a tanning machine breaks down and burns her to death. Two years later, Valerie's twin sister Rhonda opens a gym of her own – but soon the bodies are mounting up as a serial killer works his or her way through the dancers and weight lifters.


Directed by: David A. Prior
© The Winters Group MCMLXXXVI [1986]
The Winters Group presents a David Winters production. A Maverick Films Ltd. film
Executive Producers: David Winters & Marc Winters
Producer: Peter Yuval
Co-Producer: David A. Prior
Associate Producer: Thomas Baldwin
Written by: David A. Prior
Director of Photography: Peter Bonilla
Editor: David A. Prior
Original Score by: Todd Hayen
Sound Recordist: John Hays
Wardrobe: Stacy McFarland
Make-Up: Robin Beauchesne
Specialized Make-Up: Robin Beauchesne
Special Effects & Set Design: United Film Works, Fritz Matthews, Ted Prior

Marcia Karr (Rhonda Johnson/Valerie Johnson)
David James Campbell (Detective Lieutenant Morgan)
Fritz Matthews (Jimmy Hallik)
Ted Prior (Chuck Dawson)
Teresa Vander Woude (Jaimy)
Richard Bravo (Tom)
Dianne Copeland (Debbie)
Laurel Mock (Diane Matthews)
Lynn Meighan (Cathy)
Teresa Truesdale (Rachael McClee)
Denise Martell (Marsha)
Michael Beck (Curtis)
John Robb (weight lifter 1)
Joel Hoffman (Brad)
Deborah Norris (office girl)
Sharon Young (locker room girl)
Charles Venniro, Pat Statham (paramedics)
Elke Muller (Rhonda's body double)
Irene Korman, Carol Maxwell (locker room girls)

Alternative Titles

Aerobic killer – French video title
Aerobi-cide – UK video title
Aerobicide – West German title
Entrenamiento mortal – Spanish title
Styrketræning med døden – Danish video title
Смертельная аэробика – Russian title

Extracts included in
That's Action (1991)



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