Killbots (1986)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Jim Wynorski. The film was originally released to cinemas under the title Killbots but the title was changed to Chopping Mall a few weeks later.

Plot Summary

A group of teenagers decide to have an overnight party in the shopping mall where they work. But as the night wears on they fall foul of the mall's robot security system that has malfunctioned and is bent on killing everyone it can.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Jim Wynorski
© 1986 Trinity Pictures/Concorde Pictures
Concorde Pictures presents
Executive Producer: Roger Corman *
Produced by: Julie Corman
Associate Producers: Charles Skouras III, Ginny Nugent
Written by: Jim Wynorski, Steve Mitchell
Director of Photography: Tom Richmond
Film Editor: Leslie Rosenthal
Music Composed by: Chuck Cirino
Sound Mixer: Walt Martin
Wardrobe: Katie Sparks
Make-up Artist: Blake Shepard
Special Effects Make-up: Anthony Showe
Special Effects: Roger George
Killbots Created by: Robert Short
Optical Effects by: Motion Opticals
Art Director: Carol Clements

Kelli Maroney [Alison Parks]
Tony O'Dell [Ferdy Meisel]
John Terlesky [Mike Brennan]
Russell Todd [Rick Stanton]
Karrie Emerson [Linda Stanton]
Barbara Crampton [Suzie Lynn]
Suzee Slater [Leslie Todd]
Nick Segal [Greg Williams]
Mary Woronov (Mrs [Mary] Bland)
Paul Bartel (Mr [Paul] Bland)
Dick Miller (Walter Paisley)
Gerrit Graham (Technician Nessler)
Mel Welles (Cook)
Angela Aames (Miss Vanders)
Paul Coufos (Dr [Stan] Simon)
Arthur Roberts (Mr Todd)
Ace Mask (janitor #2)
Will Gill Jr (janitor #1)
Lenny Juliano (burglar)
Lawrence Guy [real name: Angus Scrimm] (Dr Carrington)

Alternative Titles

Chopping Mall – re-release title
Kuoleman kauppa – Finland
– working title
– Spain
Roboty smierci
– Poland
– France (video), West Germany
Supermarket horror
– Italy
Terror em Park Plaza
– Portugal
– Russia

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