Kenny Everett’s Christmas Carol (1985)

UK, 24 December
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television special directed by John Bishop.

Plot Summary

A surreal comic version of .


* = uncredited

The Director: John Bishop
The Producer: John Bishop
The Production Manager: Andy Smith
Was Written by: Barry Cryer, Neil Shand
Based on the Novel by: Charles Dickens *
The Lighting Director: Bert Postlethwaite
The Camera Supervisor: David White
The Vision Mixer: Heather Gilder
The Videotape Editor: Mykola Pawluk
The Musical Director: Steve Brown
The Sound Supervisor: Graham Wilkinson
The Costume Designer: Lynda Woodfield
The Make-Up Designer: Maureen Hetherington
The Video Effects Operators: Dave Jervis, Robin Lobb
The Visual Effects Designer: Kevin Molloy
The Technical Co-ordinator: Jeff Jeffrey
The Designers: Nigel Curzon, Marjory Pratt
The Properties Buyer: Tony Moore
The Graphics Designer: Tricia King
The Choreographer: Jeff Thacker
The Production Team: Helen Gartell, Robin Smith, Janet Stewart, Celie Reed

Kenny Everett (Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Queen Victoria)
John Humphreys (the newsreader)
B.A. Robertson (Bob Cratchit)
Rory Bremner (Bob Geldof)
Spike Milligan (the ghost of Marley)
John Wells (The Ghost of Christmas Past)
Anneka Rice (Pandora)
Michael Barrymore (the schoolmaster)
William Rushton (the Ghost of Christmas Present)
Francis Wilson (the butler)
Debbi Arnold (Mrs Cratchit)
Stuart Fell (the rabbi)
James Hunt, Tess Sanderson (the footmen)
Peter Cook (the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come)



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