Keep My Grave Open (1976)

USA, 1976
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by S.F. Brownrigg.

Plot Summary

A woman suffering mental illness lives in an old house with what she thinks is her brother/lover, who lures men to the house for her to kill.


Directed by: S.F. Brownrigg
© [not given on screen]
Jefferson Productions with Century Studios presents
Executive Producer: Richard H. Pew
Produced by: S.F. Brownrigg
A Screenplay by: F. Amos Powell
Director of Photography: John Valtenburgs
Editing: Jerry Caraway, Lynn Lenau
Original Music: Bob Farrar
Sound: Oliver Oliver
Make-up: Jackie Barnes
Hairstyles: Scott Morrison

Camilla Carr (Lesley Fontaine)
Gene Ross (Doctor Emerson)
Stephen Tobolowsky (Robert)
Ann Stafford (Suzie)
Sharon Bunn (Twinkle)
Chelsea Ross (Kevin)
Annabelle Weenick (Vera)
Bill Thurman (hitchhiker)
Jessie Lee Fulton (Miss Evie)
Lucille Baldwin (Miss Ada)
Desmond Dhooge (storekeeper)
Skipper Richardson (prostitute)
Cebe Reed (Caesar)

Alternative Titles

The House Where Hell Froze Over
Mantén mi Tumba Abierta – Mexican title



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