Kadoyng (1972)

60m, 5400 feet/1646 metres
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British science fiction film for directed by Ian Shand. Production began on 17 April 1972.

Plot Summary

An alien from the planet Stoikal befriends a group of children and helps them to thwart plans to drive motorway through their village.


Directed by: Ian Shand
Made by Shand Pictures Ltd. for Children's Film Foundation
Produced by: Roy Simpson
Production Manager: Eamonn Duffy
Script: Leo Maguire
Assistant Director: Peter Saunders
Director of Photography: Mark McDonald
Editor: Alvin Bailey
Music Composed and Conducted by: Edwin Astley
Sound Mixers: John Purchese, Gordon K. McCallum
Sound Re-Recording Mixer: John Hayward
Art Director: Peggy Gick
Made at: Pinewood Studios

Teresa Codling (Lucy)
Adrian Hall (Billy)
David Williams (Barney)
Stephen Bone (McGrath)
Andrew Mussell (Williams)
Leo Maguire (Kadoyng)
Jean Dallas (Lady Elspeth)
Jack Haig (Old Robbo)
Frieda Knorr (Mrs Balfour)
Bill Owen (Jack Flitton)
Ian Pigot (Eric Flitton)
Dennis Ramsden (minister)
Michael Sharvell-Martin (Pander-Willoughby)
Gerald Sim (Professor Balfour)
Stephen Thorne (PC Palfrey)

Extracts included in
Screen Test: 20 November 1973
Screen Test: 3 January 1980


Monthly Film Bulletin vol.39 no.465 (October 1972) p.215
A few of the film's incidental details – including some hefty digs at politicians and Kadoyng's wonderment at goalposts (“Are these some kind of religious symbol?”) – seem a little adult-oriented, and children might be disappointed by the non-appearance of the expected giant vegetation; but the muddy, ground-sinking finale is a splendid and hilarious compensation. All in all, an enjoyable and entertaining comedy. – from a review by Kenneth Thompson



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