K-9 and Company: A Girl’s Best Friend (1981)

UK, 28 December 1981
video, 16mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
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A British science fiction/horror television special directed by John Black. It was the only spin off from the original Doctor Who (1963-1989) but despite solid viewing figures of 8.4 million only this one episode was ever made. Sarah Jane Smith (played by Elisabeth Sladen) would eventually get her own series The Sarah Jane Adventures in 2007, as would K-9 in 2009.

Plot Summary

The Doctor’s former travelling companion, journalist Sarah Jane Smith, visits her Aunt Lavinia in the village of Hazelbury Abbas to start work on a book and look after Lavinia’s young ward, Brendan. She also finds that The Doctor has sent his robot dog, K-9, for safe keeping. Sarah Jane and K-9 are soon involved in a mystery involving Black Magic and a sect that worship the godddess Hecate.


* = uncredited

Director: John Black
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
[Written] By: Terence Dudley
Script Editors: Eric Saward, Antony Root
Videotape Editor: John Burkill
Film Editor: Michael Lomas
Title Music by: Fiachra Trench, Ian Levine
Studio Sound: David Hughes
Film Sound: Dave Brinicombe
Special Sound: Dick Mills
Costume Designer: Ann Arnold
Make-Up Artist: Susie Bancroft
Visual Effects Designer: Mat Irvine
Video Effects: Nick Moore
Designer: Nigel Jones
Locations: Cirencester, Gloucestershire *

Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith)
John Leeson as the voice of K-9
Bill Fraser (Commander Bill Pollock)
Ian Sears (Brendan Richards)
Colin Jeavons (George Tracey)
Sean Chapman (Peter Tracey)
Mary Wimbush (Aunt Lavinia)
Linda Polan (Juno Baker)
Gillian Martell (Lilly Gregson)
Neville Barber (Howard Baker)
John Quarmby (Henry Tobias)
Nigel Gregory (Sergeant Vince Wilson)
Stephen Oxley (P.C. Carter)
Barbara Carey, Diane Collette, Pam Couch, Sue Crossland, David De Villiers, Constance Farmer, Adrian Fletcher, Terry Forrestal, John Glentoran, Gay Hopkins, Carol Howard, Stephen Howe, Dave Mitty, Ann Palmer, Brian Peacock, Nat Pearn, Margaret Piggot, Sarah Raybould, Michaela Rea, Sylvia Shire, June Simmons, Len Thomas, John Underwood, Adrian Varcoe, Francesca Waters, Ricky Williams, Sally Ann Wright [extras] *
Bruno [Jasper] *

Alternative Titles

One Girl and Her Dog – working title
Sarah and K-9 – working title

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