Just Imagine (1930)

104m (released version), 113m (copyrighted version), 3108.96 metres (12 reels)
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by David Butler.

Plot Summary

In 1980 New York scientists revive a man who was struck by lightning in 1930 and who fell into a coma. Renamed Single O, he takes part in a mission to where he and his companions find a society of women.


Director: David Butler
Copyright 1930 Fox Film Corporation
Fox Film Corporation
Producers: Brown [real name: Lew Brown], De Sylva [real name: Buddy G. DeSylva], Henderson [real name: Ray Henderson]
Story and Dialogue: De Sylva [real name: Buddy G. DeSylva], Brown [real name: Lew Brown], Henderson [real name: Ray Henderson]
Assistant Director: Ad Schaumer
Continuity: David Butler
Photographed by: Ernest Palmer
Editor: Irene Morra
Musical Director: Arthur Kay
Sound Recordist: Joseph E. Aiken
Western Electric System
Costume Designers: Alice O'Neil, Dolly Tree
Settings: Stephen Goosson, Ralph Hammeras
Musical Numbers Staged by: Seymour Felix
Locations: Arcadia, California, USA

El Brendel (Single O)
Maureen O'Sullivan (LN-18)
John Garrick (J-21)
Marjorie White (D-6)
Frank Albertson (RT-42)
Hobart Bosworth (Z-4)
Kenneth Thomson (MT-3)
Mischa Auer (B-36)
Ivan Linow (Loko/Boko)
Joyzelle [real name: Joyzelle Joyner] (Loo Loo/Boo Boo)
Wilfred Lucas (X-10)

Alternative Titles

Una fantasía del porvenir – Spain
Sensationer 1980 – Denmark

Extracts included in
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Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940)
Future Fantastic: The Incredible Shrinking Planet (1996)
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