Just for Fun! (1963)

72m [USA], 84m 37s [UK], 7615 ft [UK]
35mm, black and white
mono (RCA Sound Recording), English

A British film directed by Gordon Flemyng. It was one of a series of produced by Amicus Productions in the early 1960s and although there's a plot of sorts, like the others in the series it was conceived primarily as a showcase for a number of pop music acts of the day.

Plot Summary

In the very near future teenagers are given the vote (in real life this didn't happen until 1970 following the introduction of the Representation of the People Act 1969) and a number of pop music acts throw their weight behind a political party for teenagers, promising to provide more pop music on television and make life more fun. But although they win, the plan backfires when their excesses cause Britain to sink beneath the waves.


Directed by: Gordon Flemyng
© MCMLXIII [1963] Amicus Prod Ltd.
Columbia Pictures presents
Produced by: Milton Subotsky
Production Manager: Ted Wallis
Written by: Milton Subotsky
Assistant Director: Ross MacKenzie
Continuity: Eileen Head
Lighting Cameraman: Nicolas Roeg
Camera Operator: Alex Thomson
Editor: Raymond Poulton
Musical Supervision: Franklyn Boyd
Incidental Music: Tony Hatch
Sound: Stephen Dalby, Leonard Bulkley
Dubbing Editor: Michael Hopkins
Cherry Roland's Costumes by: Shubette of London
Mark Wynter's Costumes by: John Stephens of London
Shoes by: Rayne
Make Up: Freddie Williamson
Special Effects: Ken Sinclair
Art Director: William Constable

Mark Wynter (Mark)
Cherry Roland (Cherry)
Bobby Vee (himself)
The Crickets (themselves)
Freddy Cannon (himself)
Johnny Tillotson (himself)
Ketty Lester (herself)
Joe Brown (himself)
Karl Denver (himself)
Kenny Lynch (himself)
Jet Harris (himself)
Tony Meehan (himself)
Cloda Rodgers (herself)
Louise Cordet (herself)
Lyn Cornell (herself)
The Tornados (themselves)
The Springfields (themselves)
The Spotniks (themselves)
Jimmy Powell (himself)
The Vernons Girls (themselves)
The Breakaways (themselves)
Brian Poole and The Tremeloes (themselves)
Sounds, Incorporated (themselves)
David Jacobs, Alan Freeman, Jimmy Savile (disc jockeys)
Irene Handl (housewife)
Hugh Lloyd (burglar)
Dick Emery (Juke Box Jury member)
Mario Fabrizi (diner)
Richard Vernon (Prime Minister)
Reginald Beckwith (opposition leader)
Jeremy Lloyd (Prime Minister's son)
Edwin Richfield (man with badge)
Harry Fowler (interviewer)
John Wood (official)
Ken Parry (lift attendant)
Frank Williams (general)
Gary Hope
Gordon Rollings (party official with radio)
Ian Gray
Douglas Ives
John Martin
Jack Bentley
narrated by: Alan Freeman

Alternative Titles

Juke-Box 65 – French Belgian title
Por puro gusto – Mexican title
Rytmin juhlaa – Finnish title


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